November 29, 2021

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Chun Doo-hwan, South Korea's Most Vilified Ex-Navy Dictator, Dies at 90

Chun Doo-hwan, South Korea's Most Vilified Ex-Military Dictator, Dies at 90

Dissidents, pupil activists and journalists have been hauled into torture chambers. Beneath Mr. Chun’s “social purification” program, the federal government rounded up tens of hundreds of gangsters, homeless folks, political dissidents and others deemed to be unhealthy components of the society and trucked them to army barracks for brutal re-education. Lots of have been reported to have died underneath this system.

North Korea tried to assassinate Mr. Chun whereas he was visiting Burma, now often called Myanmar, in 1983. Bombs planted by its brokers destroyed the Martyrs’ Mausoleum in Yangon, then the Burmese capital, and killed 21 folks, together with a number of South Korean cupboard ministers. Mr. Chun escaped the assault as a result of his arrival there had been delayed.

Deeply unpopular, Mr. Chun wished his handpicked successor, Mr. Roh, elected by the identical rubber-stamp electoral faculty. However amid large protests triggered by the loss of life of a tortured pupil activist, he and Mr. Roh acceded to a preferred election.

Mr. Roh turned the nation’s first instantly elected president in 16 years, thanks largely to the cut up of opposition votes between the 2 dissident candidates, Kim Younger-sam and Kim Dae-jung, whose mutual distrust was as deep as their frequent hatred of army rule.

Mr. Chun tried to appease the general public calling for his punishment by going into home exile in a distant Buddhist monastery. However after Kim Younger-sam took energy in 1993, he went after Mr. Chun, Mr. Roh and different former generals as soon as thought-about untouchables.

Mr. Chun was on his solution to the toilet on Tuesday, assisted by his spouse, Lee Quickly-ja, when he collapsed, mentioned a senior police officer who was answerable for guarding Mr. Chun’s residence in Seoul. Along with his spouse, he’s survived by their 4 youngsters, Jae-yong, Hyo-sun, Jae-guk and Jae-man.

In a Supreme Court docket ruling in 1997, Mr. Chun was ordered to return 220 billion gained, or $190 million, to the state that he had illegally amassed by way of bribery. He mentioned he didn’t have sufficient to pay the positive, although critics accused him of hiding belongings within the care of family members.

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