January 20, 2022

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Hubble Telescope vs. Webb Telescope

Hubble Telescope vs. Webb Telescope

The Webb telescope’s major mirror is 6.5 meters in diameter, in contrast with Hubble’s, which is 2.4 meters, giving Webb about seven instances as a lot light-gathering functionality and thus the flexibility to see additional into the previous.

One other essential distinction is that Webb is provided with cameras and different devices delicate to infrared, or “warmth,” radiation. The growth of the universe causes the sunshine that will usually be in wavelengths which are seen to be shifted to longer infrared wavelengths which are usually invisible to human eyes.

Alternatively, the Hubble telescope is in low Earth orbit, the place astronauts may go to and sort things which have damaged or worn out, or set up new, extra highly effective devices on it. These modifications prolonged its life years past the unique estimates.

The Webb telescope will likely be orbiting the solar at some extent past the moon, 1,000,000 miles from Earth, which is method out of the attain of astronaut assist. In precept, the telescope’s maneuvering rockets may very well be refueled. However NASA doesn’t intend to try this.

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