January 24, 2022

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Why Police Consider They're To not Blame for Deaths in Custody

Why Police Believe They're Not to Blame for Deaths in Custody

In your opinion, why does, for those who may maybe clarify it

in layman’s phrases, why and the way does Mr. Perez

die, based on you?

Positive. In layman’s phrases, he was very agitated due

to his methamphetamine use.

He was hypermetabolic, that means

he was very — his coronary heart price was up, his temperature was up.

He was agitated and resisting and struggling.

And on prime of that, he had an irregular coronary heart,

which was enlarged and in addition had

vital atherosclerotic illness of two vessels

that had been as much as 80% blocked.

And by his agitation, which creates an acidosis, his

diseased coronary heart and the methamphetamine

with the irritation that can also trigger the center —

all these issues contributed to inflicting

a sudden cardiac occasion.

Do you imagine or is it your opinion

to any diploma of scientific certainty

that Mr. Perez would have died of his irregular coronary heart


however whatever the encounter

with regulation enforcement?

Together with his temperature of 105 and his diploma

of agitation and his habits, I

imagine he would have died sooner or later, sure.

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