A manna, the real protagonist of a boundless story

Chitranayaka Manna is still the name of emotion. On special days, the people of the country’s film arena remember this beloved hero like ordinary fans of the country. Today was 14 years since Manna left. The people in the movie arena remembered the beloved hero.

Anjana, actor
A humble tribute on the day of your death. Renowned Bengali film legend, National Film Award winning filmmaker, who stood at the top of fame with his intellect and acting skills. Manna is one of the most beloved heroes of our Bengali films. Your contribution to Bengali cinema will be immortal for ages. Humble respect, O Guni.

Omar Sunny, actor
Today 16th February is a sad day for Bengali film, on this day Bangladeshi audience and film lost a very popular superstar hero, today is the death anniversary of superstar Manna’s brother, my family and Omar Sunny Fan Club pays our respects. May Allah bless him with heaven, Amen.

Shakib Khan, actor
Manna Bhai was the protesting voice of the film. Absolutely unparalleled. Each of his works had a different signature. He worked for the good of the industry till his death. When pornography was at its peak, many of his contemporaries withdrew from the film, but Manna Bhai did not give up. He kept the film afloat in bad times. He gave away all the popular movies at that time. The audience was hallucinated. Luckily for me, I was able to share the screen with these people in a few movies during the Struggle period. I miss my dear Manna brother very much. Manna Bhai has always been in the place of my respect and love even though he has not been visible for 14 years. On the 14th death anniversary, I pray for the forgiveness of your soul. Dear Manna Bhai, wherever you are, stay in peace.

Shabnur, actor
Today is the 20th death anniversary of Ehtesham Haque, a famous filmmaker, whom I affectionately call ‘Dadu’, with whom I started my film career. Today is also the 14th death anniversary of Manna Bhai, another brilliant star of Bengali cinema, my dearest colleague. On the death anniversaries of these two great personalities, I pay my deepest respects and pray for the forgiveness of their souls.

Abdullah Zahir Babu, screenwriter
What can I say about this man? What about? I first met him at Alamgir Pictures, in the office of movie mogul Jahangir Khan’s uncle, in December 1993. Last seen Shakib Khan before going to Bangkok for treatment, in January 2006. The day Shakib Khan and I returned to Dhaka, we lost him the next morning. No, I did not go to see him after the death of the hero Manna. Couldn’t dare. Such a career crazy hero will not come again. He somehow gave up religion for his career. Prachanda was very informative. He knew where a producer’s car was parked at FDC. Which producer is starting the movie, who can be the director, who is the heroine, what are the weaknesses of the producer? He took film politics in a different form. Brother Manna is my friend, my elder brother, my advisor. Even today, when the phone rings in the middle of the night, I get shocked, not Manna Bhai. How many thousands of nights have we spent together, at Wimpy, Sonargaon Hotel or my home. No matter how many nights my Ratjaga cooked khichuri for my younger sister Manna Bhai, those histories are still fresh in my memory. Stay well on the other side, brother Manna.

Emon, actor
Regards, Manna Bhai. Never met you in the movie. But I will be your fan all my life. May Allah bless you with heaven, Amen.

Nirab Hossain, actor
This is the story of Salta 2006, Wonderland. Manna Bhai and Nipun were shooting a photo there. Prabha and I were doing a photoshoot for the magazine Anand Alo. Suddenly the cameraman came and said, ‘Manna Bhai is calling you.’ Manna Bhai was a very popular hero then. I was working in TV media then. That is what Manna Bhai is calling me. I liked the subject. After finishing my work, I went to Manna Bhai. As soon as they met, his first words were, ‘Silent, why don’t you do a movie?’ I said, ‘Brother, I will. He said, ‘Just say‘ I will do it ’and start now.’ That was my first and last meeting with Manna Bhai. He took premature leave 15-16 days later. I had a 10 minute conversation with Manna Bhai that day, how much he was passionate about the movie. How much he wanted the development of cinema. Let the newcomers come to work, let the movie industry prosper কত how much he wanted all this. Everyone in the film may have felt how much the film industry has suffered due to his untimely demise.

Asif Akbar, vocalist
Bengali movie superstar Manna Bhai. Luckily for me, the song sung in the first movie of my life went to Manna Bhai. There is a lot of emotion-history mixed with brother. One day I will definitely share with you the story of getting close to this dedicated Jananayake. Manna Bhai was more of a gendarme general in the story of humanity than a hero on screen. He is not here today, I pay my respects on his death anniversary. A manna, the real protagonist of a boundless story. May Allah forgive all your sins, I pray this, brother Manna. What happens without a guardian is what we see in the current FDC-centric film parade. You are not just a hero, brother Manna. You are the ideal of hardworking newcomers. People’s love will keep you alive in the history of Bengali cinema. I wish peace to your disembodied soul – love is endless.