3 reasons why I love the Logitech G Cloud more than the Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Key Takeaways

  • Logitech G Cloud is a highly portable gaming handheld, making it comfortable for long gaming sessions.
  • The G Cloud runs on Android, allowing for easy installation of emulators and playing classic games.
  • The G Cloud offers the ability to play Xbox games anywhere through cloud gaming, making it a potential replacement for an Xbox console.

The Steam Deck used to rule supreme as one of the best handhelds for gaming, but tons of Steam Deck alternatives have since popped up. Some of these are more powerful than others, like the Asus ROG Ally, and the Legion Go. But one that is a little more controversial and one that people have argued is not worth the $350 price tag is the Logitech G Cloud.

Well, I’m part of the group that didn’t mind the price, so I purchased one last year with my hard-earned money. I’ve always wanted an Android-powered handheld that can power cloud gaming and beyond, so the Logitech G Cloud has been perfect for my needs. Hear me out: From cloud gaming to portability, and even the ability to run legacy games, the Logitech G Cloud is a product that I now find myself using more than my Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

1 It’s really portable

Sleeker than the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch

This might sound like a small point, but the Logitech G Cloud is one of the most portable gaming handhelds I’ve ever used. The official dimensions are 10.11×4.61×1.30 inches and 1.02 pounds. Let’s compare that to my Nintendo Switch, which weighs 0.93 pounds and measures 9.4 x4.0x0.55 inches. That might not seem like a big difference (and the Switch does weigh slightly less), but it’s perfect for long-term cloud gaming, where gaming sessions might go beyond an hour. My hands don’t get super cramped. Compare that to the Steam Deck’s 11.7×4.6×1.9-inch size and 1.65-pound weight — almost twice as heavy — and it’s a difference you’ll feel.

Other than that, I’m not new to cloud gaming. In the past, I had to use my Google Pixel 6 Pro, which meant taking my phone offline from texting and social media during my gaming sessions to avoid interruptions. It also meant buying a controller grip and carrying both the controller grip and phone around. The G Cloud changed that; I now have an all-one solution separate from my main device.

And yes, the G Cloud might not have detachable controllers like a Nintendo Switch, or the Razer Edge 5G, but this, in theory, means worrying less about hardware controller failures. While these detachable controllers do make these competing systems more portable, there’s one thing over time that’s worth noting. I’ve had to return way too many Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, due to controller drift, or the batteries inside straight-up dying. With the controllers being integrated into the design of the G Cloud, and non-removable, I have to worry less about it breaking down, as the G Cloud’s controllers are built tough. The quality of the joysticks seems much higher than the Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch, especially when pressing down on the hardware buttons. The clicks are louder, and it feels much more solid. Even after a year, I still have yet to have issues with it.

And another point. For newcomers to Android gaming, the G Cloud might cost $350, but that’s still about the same price when buying a secondary phone and a controller grip just for cloud gaming. A cheap brand-name Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy A13 is $315, and then a quality controller grip like the Razer Kishi is another $50. So, why not just invest in an all-in-one solution, like the G Cloud which has far better specs, instead?

2 It runs Android

I can install emulators and play classic games easily

The Logitech G Cloud in a man's hand showing how light it is

I do love playing the latest hit games on my Xbox Series X, but sometimes you just want to play Game Boy Advance or PlayStation Portable (PSP) games for nostalgia or to catch up on what you missed. For that, I often use emulators.

The beauty of the G Cloud is that it’s powered by Android, which makes using emulators easy. By using the handheld tablet mode and the Android app LaunchBox, I can configure my classic games library and pick the right emulator easily and without worry. I copy the content over to a microSD Card, then to a respective folder for the respected platform, and finally, fire up LaunchBox and import the games. LaunchBox is a must here because it suggests the proper emulator to use and acts as a hub to launch all titles.

I’ve enjoyed all kinds of games this way: PS2 games like NASCAR 07 or Gran Turismo 4; Game Boy Advance games like WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!; and even PSP games like Gran Turismo. Even with just 4GB of RAM onboard, they all run without issue. This isn’t a slow old Android tablet like everyone makes it out to be.

Plus, the G Cloud’s battery can last for hours. I only charge it once a week for casual use, even a year later.

3 Do I even need my Xbox anymore?

Xbox anywhere!

Logitech G Cloud running Xbox Game Pass.

It’s nice to play video games on an Xbox Series X: You get 120Hz refresh rates and really amazing performance in games like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). But, the limit with that is that I have to be at my desk in my room.

However, with the Logitech G Cloud, I can enjoy games anywhere in my home or anywhere with stable enough Wi-Fi. Yes, it doesn’t have an OLED screen like the new Nintendo Switch, but it works perfectly for cloud gaming.

Many of the same games that I play and enjoy on my Xbox Series X are also on Xbox Cloud Gaming: MLB The Show 22, Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), Forza Horizon 5 it’s all here. And even games that I don’t have on my Xbox are there. My PC games can be played on the G Cloud thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now.

In fact, I’ve played these titles on the G Cloud instead of my Xbox. It’s comfortable to use, runs well enough for my needs, and I love it compared to sitting in front of my gaming monitor all day. I even can remote into my Xbox with the Xbox Android app, too!

You should give the Logitech G Cloud a try

You can argue that the Steam Deck does all these three things just as well (if not better) than the Logitech G Cloud. That might be true for some, but the G Cloud does them all, too, and in some cases, it’s better. It’s more portable, plays games through the cloud better, and runs emulators easily. Even a year after owning it, I still think this is an amazing piece of hardware, and it’s worth the buy if you’re looking for an Android-based Steam Deck alternative.


Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld

Logitech’s new gaming handheld can take advantage of game streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now. You just have to stomach the $350 price tag.