‘Agnipath’ set up in court

Protests, arson and violence continue in the country against the Indian Armed Forces recruitment project ‘Agnipath’. This time the protest movement on the highway has been taken to court. Meanwhile, three writ cases have been filed in the Supreme Court against the new decision of the central government. The petitioners sought an order in the public interest to stop the contract recruitment scheme, claiming it was illegal and unconstitutional. However, a counter application has also been filed in the court. The petition, filed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, said the Center should be heard before reaching a decision or issuing an order.

The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force are issuing new notices every day to take the firefighting process forward. It is being said on behalf of the three forces – there is no chance to back away from this plan; Instead, they are thinking about how quickly recruitment can be started and what other benefits can be increased. Meanwhile, Chief of Personnel Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi said on Tuesday that they were starting the recruitment process on Wednesday. However, online registration will start on July 1. Earlier on Monday, after Narendra Modi spoke in support of the project, the chiefs of the three forces were said to be meeting him to discuss speedy implementation of the decision.

Advocate Manohar Lal Sharma has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court challenging the BJP government’s decision to train Indian youth for four years in the armed forces. He filed a ‘public interest litigation’ seeking cancellation of the project. Earlier, Advocate Bishal Tiwari and Harsh Ajay Singh had filed two petitions seeking formation of a special committee to probe the ongoing protests and violence and reconsideration of the decision and verification of the feasibility of the project.

Despite the Modi government and the agitators fighting inside and outside the court to stop the recruitment of contract troops, it seems that a mountain of cleansing promises is being made for this project. In addition to the BJP-backed state governments, large non-governmental organizations are pledging to give priority to young people who have completed four years of military training.

On June 14, the Indian Ministry of Defense announced that men and women between the ages of 18 and 21 would get jobs in the army, air force and navy for four years under the Agnipath project. They will be given basic training. At that time they will be paid a salary of 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month and a lump sum of 11 to 12 lakh rupees after four years. They will get the title ‘Agnibir’. However, more than 25 percent of the trained youth will not have a permanent job, they will not even get a pension or gratuity. Source: Ion News, Anandabazar, G News.