Apple Music, TV, and Devices finally release on Windows

The apps are fresh out of preview for everyone to use.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices are now available for download on Windows, making it convenient for users who use both Windows and macOS.
  • This is also great news for Windows users who want to explore the Apple ecosystem.
  • Users can now enjoy Apple TV+ shows on Windows without needing to invest in a Mac.

Apple Music, TV, and Devices have been in preview on Windows for just over a year now. If you’re a fan of using these Apple-based apps, but you don’t want to keep swapping between Windows and macOS, then we have good news for you. The aforementioned apps are now coming out of preview, and are available for everybody to download right now.

Getting Apple Apps on Windows

The news broke via Rudy Huyn on X, who works as Microsoft’s Principal Architect for the Microsoft Store. Rudy announced the proper release of Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices in a single post, with links to the Microsoft Store entry for each app. Clicking any of the links on Windows should automatically boot up the Microsoft Store on your device for you to download.

Not only is this fantastic news for people who use both Windows and macOS, but it’s also great news for users who exclusively use Windows. If you’ve ever wanted to see what things are like on the Apple side of things, now you can give its apps a spin and see if they’re more to your liking.. After all, there are plenty of reasons why some people only watch shows on Apple TV+, and now you don’t need to shell out for one of the best Macs out there just to see why.