Best cases for Framework Laptop in 2023

These eight cases ensure your Framework Laptop won’t get damaged if it comes in contact with the elements, or if it’s bumped or dropped

When buying any of the best laptops, considering a case for your computer is really important. A device like the Framework Laptop 13 might be one of the best upgradeable laptops, but there’s always a chance that your laptop might get damaged when you’re out and about with it. A sudden bump in your bag could knick one of the corners, and a drop of your bag could damage your laptop’s internal components.

No worries, though, the Framework Laptop is similar to standard 13-inch laptops. It’s about 11.62 inches long and 0.62 inches thick, so any standard 13-inch laptop case will fit it just fine, ensuring your computer stays safe during your travels. We have suggested eight of our favorite cases for you below.