Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Your new flagship phone deserves nothing but the best cases

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first big smartphone release of the year to ring in the flagship smartphone race for 2024. This top-of-the-line phone in the Galaxy S lineup brings a bunch of small yet noteworthy improvements to the table, making it a compelling option to consider. From top-notch internals for solid performance to a versatile set of cameras and the ever-improving S-Pen stylus, it’s all here in its best shape and form. But you know what’s still the same about this S24 Ultra flagship? Its massive footprint!

That’s right, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is just as big and bulky as its predecessor, meaning you still may have a hard time using it if you’re coming from a relatively smaller phone. You’re going to need some good cases to protect your shiny new Galaxy S24 Ultra in case you end up dropping it. The list highlighted below also includes some functional cases that’ll do more than just protecting your phone, so be sure to check them out.