Best cases for the Motorola Razr+ in 2023

The Motorola Razr+ is a clamshell foldable with a massive cover screen that you’ll want to protect with a case

Foldable phones, such as the newest Motorola Razr+, come with their own unique durability benefits and drawbacks. The obvious benefit to daily driving a great foldable phone is that the smartphone’s main screen is protected from damage when you’re not using it. However, that same feature can also be a drawback, as foldable displays are generally weaker than traditional ones. Plus, the folding mechanisms and hinge make the phone easier to break due to the extra moving parts. All that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy a foldable phone, but rather to say that it’s imperative you choose the right case to keep it in good working order for the long haul.

You might be curious how cases for foldable phones work since the phone has two different form factors when opened and closed. Cases for phones like the Motorola Razr+ come in two separate pieces; one snaps onto the top of the Razr+, while the other snaps onto the bottom. Some cases also have a bit of flexible plastic to cover the hinge, but generally, the hinge remains exposed. Quite a few cases are available for the new Razr+, and we’ve rounded up a list of the best ones on the market.

Our top picks for the best cases for the Motorola Razr+ (2023)

We’re still waiting for top case manufacturers to reveal their offerings for the Motorola Razr+, but that isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of good choices available right now. Foluu’s cases are some of our favorites. First, there’s the clear case, which preserves the design of the Razr+ while still offering protection in the form of hard plastic. It’s great for people who want to show off their Motorola Razr+’s unique color. Then there’s the hard shell case for people who want extra protection.

There are more unique cases as well. Belt clips aren’t for everyone, but since the Razr+ folds in half, the Nakedcellphone belt case doesn’t look absurdly out of place on your waist. For a more stylish belt case, our choice from Ranyi features brown leather and closes via a set of magnets, ensuring that your Razr+ is secured.

If you’re looking for excellent accessory compatibility, the case from Gufiire adds MagSafe to your new Razr+. That means you’ll be able to use first and third-party MagSafe accessories with your phone, from wallets to stands to chargers. Overall, it’s the most versatile case offering on this list.

All of these options are priced similarly, so choosing which to buy depends on what you’re looking for. If you don’t see anything you like here, be sure to check out our picks for the best accessories for the Motorola Razr+ in 2023. It’s also a good idea to pair the Motorola Razr+ with one of the best screen protectors in 2023.

Motorola Razr+

Moto Razr+ (2023)

$900 $1000 Save

The Moto Razr+ is a slightly more premium version of the regular Moto Razr, with a relatively bigger external display, a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, and more.