Best Google Pixel 6a cases in 2023

We have rounded up the best cases for the Google Pixel 6a, including rugged, thin, wallet, and more cases.

We’re pretty close to the unveiling of the models from the Pixel 8 series (rumors claim the big launch will be in October), but do you know which phone is still popular with Pixel fans? The Google Pixel 6a. It made its debut in May 2022, almost half a year after the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This mid-range phone was supposed to give you a taste of the flagship Pixel phones at a lower price tag, but it ended up becoming a hot seller. It came with a pretty competent chipset, a great camera system, and decent looks with some interesting color variants.

And do you know what goes really well with a great phone like the 6a? A good protective case to save it from accidental drops.

  • Poetic Guardian for Pixel 6a

    Poetic Guardian for Pixel 6a

    Editor’s choice

    The Poetic Guardian is our preferred case for the Pixel 6a as it offers complete scratch and drop protection with its dual-layer design and built-in screen protector.

  • Google Pixel 6a case

    Google Pixel 6a Case

    Official pick

    You can never go wrong with official accessories because you know the quality will be top-notch and the fit, perfect. This polycarbonate case is available in Charcoal and Seafoam color options and sticks to the pastel color theme that Google seems to love so much. Plus it’s climate-friendly, as over 30% of it is recycled plastic.

  • OtterBox Commuter Case for Pixel 6a

    OtterBox Commuter Case for Pixel 6a (Antimicrobial)

    Premium pick

    Want military-grade protection for your Pixel 6a? This premium polycarbonate case promises 3X military-standard protection from drops. Additionally, OtterBox claims to have used a “silver-based antimicrobial additive” while making this case, which helps prevent microbial growth and unwanted bacteria. The case has two parts — a soft inner shell and a harder outer case.

  • Supcase UB Pro for Pixel 6a

    Supcase UB Pro for Pixel 6a

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The Supcase UB Pro is another great rugged case with a dual-layer design and a screen protector for overall protection. It also features a built-in kickstand and belt clip.

  • Foluu Silicone Case for Pixel 6a

    Foluu Silicone Case for Pixel 6a

    Best value

    $8 $9 Save

    If you want an affordable case that offers ample scratch and drop protection, Foluu’s Silicone case is a great pick. It’s available in a couple of vibrant colorways.

  • Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 6a

    Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 6a

    Impossibly thin

    The Spigen Thin Fit case is the perfect choice for those who want complete protection from scratches and drops without adding too much bulk to their device.

  • Bellroy Leather Case For Pixel 6a

    Bellroy Leather Case For Pixel 6a

    Premium leather case

    $35 $39 Save

    This premium case from Bellroy is made of high-quality leather, offering ample protection, a luxurious feel, and a unique look as it develops a patina over time.

  • dbrand Grip for Pixel 6a

    dbrand Grip for Pixel 6a

    Customizable rugged case

    Dbrand’s Grip is a premium rugged case that will easily protect your Pixel 6a from scratches and drops. You can also customize it with a wide range of patterns.

  • Ghostek Covert for Pixel 6a

    Ghostek Covert for Pixel 6a

    Stylish bumper case

    $10 $15 Save

    The Ghostek Covert is a rugged clear case featuring a reinforced bumper for impact absorption and a grippy texture. It’s available in a bunch of cool colors.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid For Pixel 6a

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid For Pixel 6a

    Premium clear case

    Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid clear case features a TPU bumper with reinforced edges for drop protection, a hard polycarbonate back, and raised bezels.

  • Ocase Leather Folio for Pixel 6a

    Ocase Leather Folio for Pixel 6a

    Folio-style wallet case

    Ocase’s PU leather folio offers 360-degree protection for the Pixel 6a, along with built-in storage for three payment cards and a dedicated bill compartment.

  • Teelevo Wallet Case for Google Pixel 6a

    Teelevo Wallet Case for Google Pixel 6a

    Wallet case with kickstand

    Cases that can do it all are the best, and this product is not just a great protective case for your Pixel 6a, but it also features a kickstand and a well-concealed wallet. The Teelevo wallet case has a slot to hold two cards, so you can relax if you forget your wallet at home. The case is made of TPU and polycarbonate and comes in black and navy blue.

Our top picks for the best Pixel 6a cases in 2023

And that was our compilation of the best Pixel 6a cases we found online. Since they’re so varied, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in this collection. If you want our recommendation, we definitely love the Poetic Guardian case the most, as you get dual protection from both falls and scratches to the display thanks to the screen protector. Also, that see-through design is fantastic. Another hot favorite was the dBrand Grip Case because those color options will light up your 6a like no other case can.

And a shoutout to the Spigen Thin Fit case because it lets you enjoy your phone’s form factor without beefing it up. Plus, we trust Spigen to adequately protect your phone.

A render of the Google Pixel 6a in Charcoal black color.

Google Pixel 6a

If you want to experience a Pixel phone minus the flagship price tag, then the Pixel 6a is exactly what you’re looking for. The 6a even features the same chipset as the Google Pixel 6 (Tensor) and is generally a well-rounded mid-range smartphone.