Best Google Pixel Tablet screen protectors in 2023

Keep the Pixel Tablet’s display in pristine condition with these screen protectors.

The Pixel Tablet marks Google’s return to the world of tablets, and it’s a pretty interesting offering that comes with a speaker dock to let you store and charge the tablet when it’s not in use. The fact that the speaker dock is included with the slab for $499 makes it more desirable for those who are looking to buy a reliable Android tablet in 2023. If you have your eyes set on the Pixel Tablet and are considering buying one for yourself as a secondary device, then I highly recommend protecting it with the right accessories to keep it in pristine condition.

I’ve already highlighted the best cases for the Pixel Tablet in a separate roundup, so it’s now time to check out the best screen protectors for it. This particular tablet is still relatively new to the market, but I’ve managed to find a few screen protectors that are worth considering. These are the ones I would personally use, so you can count on them to serve you well and protect your Pixel Tablet’s display from scratches and cracks. Here, take a look:

  • A render of the Ivoler tempered glass for Pixel Tablet.

    Ivoler tempered glass for Pixel Tablet

    Editor’s Choice

    This pack of Ivoler screen protectors packs two 2.5D thin tempered glass panels for the Pixel Tablet. This particular tempered glass will protect your Pixel Tablet’s display from scratches and cracks without affecting its overall clarity or touch response. You also get a 24-month free replacement warranty on the tempered glass panels.

  • A render of the Supershiledz tempered glass for Pixel Tablet next to its retail box.

    Supershieldz tempered glass for Pixel Tablet

    Best Value

    The Supershieldz tempered glass features 2.5D curved edges and features Hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges. The best thing about this particular listing is that you get two tempered glass protectors for just $11, making it a solid value-for-money pick.

  • A render showing the Speck ShieldView screen protector next to the Pixel Tablet.

    Speck ShieldView for Pixel Tablet

    Premium Pick

    The Speck ShieldView is listed as one of the recommended accessories for the Pixel Tablet, and it also happens to be among the most expensive options out there. This tough panel can help you keep your Pixel Tablet’s panel in pristine condition, and it also comes with an anti-microbial coating.

  • A render of the Supershieldz matte PET film next to its retail packaging.

    Supershieldz matte film protector for Pixel Tablet

    Best matte PET film protector

    This anti-glare matte film protector is designed to reduce glare and fingerprints on the Pixel Tablet’s display. It covers the entire front panel of the tablet and also doesn’t interfere with cases like many of the tempered glass protectors do.

Best Google Pixel Tablet screen protector: Final thoughts

Google’s Pixel Tablet, as I mentioned earlier, is still fairly new, which is why there aren’t too many screen protectors for it on the market just yet. I expect more options to become available once the tablet hits the shelves on June 20th, and I’ll revisit this roundup to add newer options. If I were to pick one from the options I’ve highlighted now, I would go with Ivoler glass screen protector for the Pixel Tablet. It can protect the tablet’s display very well without adding too much bulk or affecting its touch response or overall clarity. You also get two protectors in that pack, meaning you have an extra unit in case you mess up the installation once.

Docked Pixel Tablet in Hazel colorway on transparent background.

Google Pixel Tablet

Google has re-entered the tablet space after a while, and its all-new Pixel Tablet marks a great start. It features a large 10.95-inch display, the flagship Tensor G2 SoC, two 8MP cameras, and impressive battery life. But the best part is that it comes bundled with a Charging Speaker Dock that converts it into a handy smart display.

Alternatively, you can also pick up the Supershieldz matte PET film in case you don’t want to add a tempered glass protector to your tablet. I expect to see more options from the likes of Spigen and OtterBox soon, so stay tuned. We’ll also have more to talk about the Pixel Tablet soon, but you can read what XDA’s Editor-in-Chief Rich Woods thinks about this slate in the meantime in his Pixel Tablet hands-on post.