Best iPhone SE 3 chargers and cables in 2023

You need a charger to use your new iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone SE 3 isn’t be the best iPhone available, as it packs plenty of dated technology. These include the classic chassis with thick bezels, inferior cameras, and more. Despite that, it’s still safe to buy an iPhone SE 3 if you’re on a budget, as it supports the latest iOS 17 and could last you for years to come. Though, you may want to know that its box does not include a charger. This means that you will have to invest in a charging brick separately. To help you make a smart purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone SE 3 chargers and cables currently available.

  • Apple 20W charger

    Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

    Editor’s Choice

    $16 $19 Save

    This fast charger from Apple will fill half of your iPhone SE 3’s battery in just 30 minutes. It has a USB-C port and works with iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and AirPods.

  • A render of the Spigen 40W dual USB C charger in white color.

    Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro Dual USB-C charger

    Premium Pick

    $30 $36 Save

    This GaN-powered charger from Spigen has two USB-C ports, letting you charge two devices at once. Each port can output up to 30W or a total of 40W (20W each) if both are used.

  • Anker Nano 3

    Source: Anker

    Anker Nano 3 30W GaN Charger

    Compact pick

    The Anker Nano 3 is one of the smallest GaN-based chargers on the market. It can deliver up to 30W of power to compatible devices and comes in five colorways.

  • A render of the Belkin 25W USB-C charger in white color.

    Belkin 25W USB-C Charger

    Best Value

    $15 $20 Save

    This fast charger from Belkin has a USB Type-C port and offers a reliable charging experience. However, your iPhone will be able to take advantage of 20W only.

  • New Project-6-1

    Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable

    Official pick

    $29 $35 Save

    If you want to stick with an Apple-branded cable, you can buy the 2-meter Lightning to USB-C cable. The cable supports fast charging, so you can use it to fast charge your iPhone.

  • New Project-3-2

    Spigen DuraSync USB-C to Lightning Cable

    Excellent option

    $20 $24 Save

    The Spigen DuraSync is another great USB-C to Lightning cable. It’s durable, tangle-free, and supports up to 30W fast charging. In addition, the cable offers two colors.

  • New Project-7-1

    Belkin DuraTek Plus Lightning Cable

    USB-A pick

    The Belkin DuraTek Plus is a decent Lightning cable that comes with a built-in strap for easier storage. You can buy it in three sizes up to 10 feet, as well as in white and black colors.

  • Supcase-USB-C-to-lightning-cable

    Supcase 5 ft USB-C Fast Charge Lightning Cable

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    Supcase is known for durable cases for your favorite devices, and its cable is no different. This 5-foot USB-C to Lightning cable uses heavy-duty anodized aluminum for the connectors and braided nylon for cable strength so your cable can handle the strains of daily use.

Our favorite iPhone SE 3 chargers and cables

If I had to choose one of these chargers for my iPhone SE 3, I would go for the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter, which is specifically designed for Apple products and works as expected. I won’t have to worry about potential quality issues or malfunctioning, and it supports fast charging. However, there are plenty of other excellent chargers available from Spigen, Belkin, and other reputable brands.

The iPhone SE 3 doesn’t have great battery life. Apple states that you can play up to 50 hours of audio on a single charge. Though, this measurement depends on several factors that are typically not met in real life. As we found in our iPhone SE 3 review, the small battery can’t last for a full day, depending on your usage. Expectedly, people who only use their phone for basic tasks might be able to get through the day, though. However, regardless of your usage, you can charge the phone quickly. Using a 20W (or higher) charger will fill 50% of its battery in only half an hour.

New Project-12

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

The mid-range iPhone SE 3 (2022) packs Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, 5G support, and a classic design. It is available in three finishes to choose from.