Best laptop backpacks in 2023

The most important piece of gear in your life is probably your laptop. So, you might want to protect it when out and about with a laptop backpack. These come in all shapes and sizes and different types of materials. So when it comes to finding a great laptop backpack, there are a number of things to consider.

How much gear do you need to carry around? Do you want a bag that can store more than just productivity items? It’s also important to keep in mind that bags come in several different materials. Many bags can serve multiple purposes, such as school bag and gym bags. In this article, we’ll look at the best laptop backpacks for a variety of use cases.


Our picks for the best laptop backpacks in 2023


Matein Laptop Backpack

Best overall

The Matein Laptop Backpack is our favorite laptop backpack. Though the brand name isn’t well-known, this backpack packs the most features for an affordable price. It’s TSA-friendly with charging ports on the side, and it can unfold down to 90 degrees, and has a luggage strap.


  • Durable and stylish
  • Lots of room for charging gadgets
  • Can unfold down to 90 or 180 degrees

At the top of our list as the best overall backpack that you can buy is the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack. This is a brand you might not have heard of, but don’t let that fool you. This is quite a durable and stylish backpack. It also has a lot of room for storing and charging other gadgets. And, if you’re traveling a lot, it is TSA-friendly. And all of this for the price of $55, or $40 when on sale.

The reason why we picked this backpack has a lot to do with the way that it unfolds. For packing your laptop and other gadgets, you don’t have to slide it in from the top. You can unfold this backpack down to 90 or 180 degrees, and slide in your laptop while seeing exactly where it goes. This accounts for the TSA and airport-friendly and approved features, where you can quickly open your bag to show what’s inside. Other than that, this bag has a luggage strap, so it can fit on top of a suitcase. The material is also super breathable, and there’s an anti-theft pocket, great for use on trains and on the go.

And speaking of on-the-go, there’s even a USB-A port on this device. You can prepare your own power bank and slide it inside, and then route the cable so you can charge your phone on the go. There are even front pockets for all your accessories like keys, pens, chargers, and more.


Lenovo Laptop Backpack

Best cheap laptop backpack

The Lenovo Laptop Backpack B210 is one of the cheapest backpacks you can buy, but that doesn’t mean it skips on quality. It’s still sleek and light and is water-repellant. It also comes in different sizes, with all models having slots for additional accessories like a tablet or cellphone.


  • Has water repellant fabric
  • Separate pockets for cell phone and other objects
  • Knitted back

  • Won’t quite strap good to luggages

Alot of the backpacks we’ve chosen come in at over or around $30. If you need a cheap backpack for your laptop, then our second pick is for you. It’s from a well-known brand, Lenovo, and it is quite sleek and lightweight. The laptop backpack is made with a durable water repellant fabric so it can keep your laptop safe in the rain. It also has a knitted back panel, so your back will feel comfy when you wear it.

Other than that, you can get quick access to the front zipper, which offers extra storage for accessories like laptop chargers. And inside, you’ll also find separate pockets for cell phone storage, business cards, and other objects. Lenovo even goes as far as to include slots for a notebook or textbooks, which makes this a solid option for students.

Do note that this is the 15.6-inch size. A larger 17-inch size is also available if you need it for a bigger laptop. The dimensions come in at 13.3 x 5.9 x 17.9 inches, and the product is eligible for Amazon Confirmed fit, so you can use the Amazon webpage to see if your laptop will fit inside it properly.


BOPAI 15 inch Super Slim

Best slim and portable backpack

The BoPai 15-inch Super Slim is one of the slimmest you can find. Despite the slim design, it still has plenty of room for your essentials. It also has a unique concealed double zipper to increase the security of your stuff inside.


  • Made of double sides soft flannel
  • Has anti-theft design features
  • Really compact and portable

  • Not suited for heavier laptops

The BOPAI Ultra Slim backpack is only three inches thick. A soft flannel compartment protects up to a 15-inch laptop, and it can reduce the friction between the backpack and the computer. The back sleeve design allows the backpack to slide over the luggage handle for easy mobility during traveling. This bag also has a few hidden tricks up its sleeves, with a unique concealed double zipper to increase security.

At under $60, this is an excellent option if you want maximum portability and don’t need to carry a huge volume of stuff around each day. One of the only significant detractors of this product is you can only fit up to a 15-inch laptop inside the compartment because the BOPAI backpack is so thin and compact. The manufacturer also warns that this backpack isn’t for gaming laptops, likely because it’s so thin, and the heavyweight laptops might end up tearing or breaking it.


Lovevook Business Backpack

Best for creatives

This Lovevook Laptop Backpack has tons of room for storage, as well as a USB-A port on the outside for charging devices on the go. It’s great for carrying around multiple devices, too, since it comes with an extra carrying bag for accessories.


  • Made of quality oxford fabric
  • Has external USB power for connecting to power banks
  • Comes with extra storage bag

The best laptop backpack for creators is the Lovevook laptop backpack. This is a backpack designed just for professionals, as well as business people. It’s super large capacity and measures 18 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches. The manufacturer notes that the main compartment can hold clothes, but what’s more important is that it can hold office materials and other items. As for the front compartment, it can hold items that creators might need. That includes power banks, a mouse, a secondary iPad or tablet, and other devices.

Of course, creators are on the go, and for that, you should be happy to know that this backpack is built-ready. It’s waterproof and made of high-density Oxford fabric. There’s also an external USB power port and an inside charging cable, so you can change your devices when away from a power outlet, or as you travel. You’ll just need to hook up a power bank to the device. Lovevook is even nice enough to include a data storage bag, so you can organize your cables and not just throw it in the bag and make a mess.

Smaller features on this backpack include the luggage belt which makes it easy to clip it into a suitcase. Padded air cushions also make the backpack easy on your shoulders. Then there’s the anti-theft pocket where you can tuck your important valuables.


Kalesi Gym Duffle Bag Backpack

Best school/gym combo

The Kalesi Gym Duffle Bag Backpack is a great multipurpose backpack for school and the gym. It’s a large backpack with plenty of storage space for shoes, clothing, and heavy laptops. It also has a lot of meshed compartments for storing things like snacks.


  • Large capacity
  • Made of scratch resistant material that’s easy to clean
  • Has a lot of storage space

Taking your laptop to the gym after school or work? You’ll need a backpack that’s specialized for both. For this, the Kalesi Gym Duffle Bag Backpack is the best pick.

For storing gym items, the front compartment can easily fit a folded hoodie, sweatpants, and other gym clothes. The side of the backpack also has room to hold liquids and water bottles thanks to the two side pockets. There’s even a spot in the front where you can store your gym shoes and keep them separate from the rest of the items in your bag.

On the tech side of things, this backpack has dedicated tablet and laptop compartments. It can fit devices with screen sizes up to 15.6 inches. For extra comfort when traveling, this backpack has a long strap and can be carried both vertically on your back or horizontally at your waist. It’s even waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about your electronics or clothes getting wet.


Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack

Best for professionals

For professionals who must have the best and most luxurious laptop backpack, the Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack is the one to buy. This backpack is made of genuine leather and looks really sophisticated. It can fit up to 2 laptops, even, and has 2 phone pockets, pen pockets, and a mesh zip pocket.


  • Curved zipper for easy access
  • Has front pockets
  • Padded straps for extra comfort

Professional and business users can’t just use a plain ordinary backpack. A fancy backpack is a must for carrying a laptop around, and that’s exactly what the Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack is. This is a faux leather backpack with a lot of features that support the traveling executive or anyone who just likes a fancier laptop backpack that’s not made of plain fabric.

This backpack has space for two laptops thanks to the large interior mesh pockets. It can safely fit a 15.6-inch laptop, and an additional device. Other than that, it has padded air mesh panels and padded comfort straps on the back which makes it easy to throw around your shoulder. The backpack even has a front organizer pocket, which can hold a small tablet, a small notebook, and other things like folders and pens.

You should also keep in mind that this backpack has a curved zipper. This makes opening and closing the backpack very easy compared to traditional flat zippered pockets. It’ll help avoid the zippers getting caught in anything you put inside. In other points to note, the backpack has a 21.2 liter capacity, which is quite a lot.

The best laptop backpacks in 2023: The bottom line

Those are our picks for the best backpacks you can buy. There’s something for everyone on this list, but for most people, we think the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack will do the trick. This backpack is the right size for most people and is TSA-friendly for travel. It also packs in a USB-A port on the side so you can loop your portable power bank through the backpack and charge your devices on the go. Other than that, it folds down to 180 degrees for storage and has a luggage strap, so you don’t need to put it on your back.


Matein Laptop Backpack

The Matein Laptop Backpack is our favorite laptop backpack. Though the brand name isn’t well-known, this backpack packs the most features for an affordable price. It’s TSA-friendly with charging ports on the side, and it can unfold down to 90 degrees, and has a luggage strap.

Of course, that backpack might not be for everyone, which is where the other picks come in. The Lenovo Laptop Backpack is a much more affordable option, and the BOPAI 15 Inch Super Slim is a backpack that’s more portable. We also can’t forget the Loveook Business Backpack which has extra compartments for creatives carrying lots of gear, and the Kalesi backpack which is great for use at the gym. Even the Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack is great since it’s made of faux leather and is luxurious.

That’s all for now, but if you still need to find a laptop to put inside your bag, check out some of the best laptops available at Best Buy.