Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands and cases in 2023

Customize the look and feel of your Galaxy Watch 4 with these bands and cases.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may be a couple of years old now, but it remains relevant in the wearable space, given how it’s still receiving software updates. As mentioned in our Galaxy Watch 5 vs Galaxy Watch 4 comparison, the older watch still stacks up very well against the latest offering from Samsung and other manufacturers. If you have a regular Galaxy Watch 4 or the Classic variant, then we recommend holding on to it unless you really want the latest features. You can always buy a new band or a case to change the look and feel of your existing watch in case you want to switch things up a bit. And if you’re wondering which ones to buy, then here are some good options to consider:

The Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm), Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm), Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm), and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm) all use the same 20mm bands/straps, so you can pick one from the options mentioned below regardless of the watch you own. We’re also including some of our favorite cases of these watches, so be sure to check them out.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands and cases in 2023: Final say

Those are some of the best Galaxy Watch 4 bands and straps you can buy for right now in 2023. It’s tough to pick a winner or the best overall band out of all the options we’ve mentioned here, but we’d go with the Yeejok silicone case if we were to pick one. It’s a simple silicone case that goes easy on your wallet and is available in a bunch of different colors. It’s easy to wear and also durable, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your watch band if you wear your watch all the time. We’ve also added some other options, including some cases to protect your watch, so be sure to check out the entire list before making a purchase decision.

If you haven’t purchased the Galaxy Watch 4 yet and are looking for something better, then you might want to consider checking out the new Galaxy Watch 5. Yes, the Galaxy Watch 4 stacks up well against the Galaxy Watch 5, and you should hold on to your older model if you have one, but new users should definitely consider upgrading to the new Galaxy Watch 5 or even to the latest Galaxy Watch 6. Each of the newer models add a bunch of noteworthy features while retaining the best ones from the previous model.