Colleagues remember A T M Shamsuzzaman, a true legend

Six-time National Award-winning actor A T M Shamsuzzaman aced in everything he touched upon, be it scriptwriting, direction, or his versatile role choices.

Today marks the first death anniversary of the Ekushey Padak awardee.

Marking the day, we spoke to celebrities who have had the privilege of knowing the legendary actor personally and sharing screen spaces with him in his lifetime.

A T M Shamsuzzaman was one of the brightest stars in our sky: Rozina

A year has passed since we lost him. The feeling that he no longer is among us is heartbreaking.

A T M Shamsuzzaman was indeed one of the brightest stars in our sky. The light inside him made him one of the most benign and humble persons I have known so far.

He was a keen learner and never hesitated when one reached out to him for knowledge or advice. He was a human library on the sets and the respect I have for him will never fade.

He was a true artiste: Uzzal

Death is the inevitable truth of life but that never lessens the sorrows when we lose a loved one, especially someone as special as ATM Shamsuzzaman. He was a true artiste who had the power to earn a place in the audience’s heart with negative roles.

We are losing the stars one by one and learning to live the vacuum they leave behind. Since the past year, I am trying to adjust to the vacuum left behind by A T M Shamsuzzaman.

He was an institution: Moushumi

A T M Shamsuzzaman was very true to his art and could adapt to any character within a blink.

He was an institution for his juniors. I have learned a lot from him every time we worked together. He always embraced us with open arms and adore us from the core of his heart.

I still get calls that praise A T M Shamsuzzaman’s performance: Salahuddin Lavlu

I can never forget our time spent together while shooting for “Molla Barir Bou”. He was very open-minded and extremely affectionate.

After paired up again for my biggest drama serial “Ronger Manush”. Even words would fall short if I sit to describe his performance.

I still get calls that praise A T M Shamsuzzaman’s performance. He was a good human being and that forced me to respect him even more as a person.

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