Commanders owner Josh Harris just really wanted to shake Joe Buck’s hand

The Washington Commanders hosted the Baltimore Ravens in preseason action on Monday night, and it was the first game at FedEx Field under the team’s new ownership group, led by Josh Harris.

Given that it was also the first game for the Commanders on Monday Night Football since the ownership change, it made perfect sense for Harris to pay a special visit to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the broadcast booth.

As Buck was making the point that Harris is no stranger to owning sports teams — Harris is also the managing partner of both the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, as well as owning stakes in Crystal Palace and Joe Gibbs Racing — the ESPN play-by-play announcer extended his hand as he was finishing his thought.

That’s when this happened:

That awkward moment left Aikman fighting for survival.

Twitter — we’re still calling it Twitter, right? — immediately reacted, with many making comparisons to Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights:

Look, we’ve all been there, exchanging pleasantries with someone and you’re caught in between a handshake, or a hug, or a fist bump, or a high five, and it just ends awkwardly and you spend the rest of your night rethinking so many decisions you have made to that point in your life.

I’ve said too much.

But if that situation has happened to you, just be thankful that it did not happen during a telecast of Monday Night Football.

Unless you are reading this, Mr. Harris. In which case … tomorrow is a new day.