Data vs Human imagination: How do they fare against each other?

The final match of the Australian Open witnessed how Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal pulled off a miracle to clinch his 21st championship title against all odds.

Nadal was behind after the first two sets. And after falling behind in the middle of the third set, his defeat was on the cards. At that time, it appeared that the Russian marquee superstar Daniil Medvedev would secure the first championship of the year. But what data did not consider was the heart and willpower of the Spaniard. While data calculated the previous track records, it could not decipher Nadal’s resolve to come back and win the title.

Data is beneficial as it helps us solve problems and predict narrowed down forecasts. In most cases, it is perfect. But what we often miss out on is the fact that ‘Data is Tense Bound’. It can gather information from different timelines and show a future path. However, human imagination is not tense bound. It does not travel from past to present to future. It is not confined. It has no limits.

Nowadays, we see plenty of debate about AI/Machine Learning making humans obsolete. It also inquires whether it will take over human jobs or not. From my perspective, AI can never replace the human brain. It is because humans are creative and are capable of thinking beyond any limit. However, technology cannot go beyond its limitations. We are creating technology, and it will be us who will be controlling it.

Technology will make a lot of jobs standardized. It will also provide people with new job opportunities as the human imagination is limitless. All in all, it is the human imagination that will create groundbreaking techs in the future.

Sajid Mahbub is a Brand Marketing Professional. He is currently working as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Editor of Bangladesh Brand Forum.

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