DK Metcalf learning sign language to talk trash is the funniest bit in the NFL

DK Metcalf is known for being a specimen on the field in Seattle, whether he’s hauling in TDs or hauling ass to chase down an intercepted pass. Recently, he’s also earned a reputation for having a bit of a hot head, picking up a handful of penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct. In September he was penalized and fined for an altercation with Rams CB Ahkello Witherspoon, and said after the game he “just [had] to be better.”

Apparently what he meant by “better” was “hide it better.”

Over the past few weeks eagle-eyed fans have spotted Metcalf making a series of gestures after big plays. Metcalf even admitted it on The Rich Eisen Show back in October: he’s been learning American Sign Language so he can safely talk trash without earning the ire of the officials.

In a rematch with nemesis Ahkello Witherspoon last week, DK shook his man on a short slant into the endzone for a TD, and then appeared to sign “my son.”

Then this week, in the first quarter against the Cowboys on Thursday Night Football, Metcalf caught a beautiful pass from Geno Smith and took it 73 yards to the house before appearing to sign “standing on business.”

This is one of the greatest displays of dedication to hating that we’ve maybe ever seen. Later on the broadcast it was revealed DK took sign language in college, but has recently picked up regular lessons and is seven classes deep into becoming bilingual. All this to disrespect cornerbacks. This is the kind of dedication to your work that separates the regular from the elite.