Does the Google Pixel Tablet work with a keyboard?

The Google Pixel Tablet is a unique entry into the tablet space. It’s a traditional-style tablet with a 10.95-inch screen that you can use at home or on the go. It also comes bundled with a speaker dock that both charges it while it’s magnetically attached and can be used to amplify sound thanks to the built-in 43.5mm full-range speaker. But it’s meant mostly for smart home control, entertainment, and some casual productivity versus other premium tablets that are designed to be used, like compact laptops as well as tablets. However, those interested in picking one up still wonder: does the Google Pixel Tablet work with a keyboard?


Using the Google Pixel Tablet for productivity

Even though it has features like a high-res display, up to 12 hours of battery life when streaming video, ample 8GB RAM, and Google Tensor G2 processor, and end-to-end security, it among the best Google Pixel Tablet accessories, is oddly not a keyboard case. However, since the Google Pixel Tablet does have Bluetooth, you can connect an optional, third-party Bluetooth keyboard with it, and it should work just fine. But the fact that Google doesn’t offer one reinforces how the tablet is meant to be used.

The dock makes it a perfect family device: you can set it up in the living room, for example, and use it as a smart home device controller (a dedicated Home Hub mode when docked lets you control devices, like smart lights, without unlocking it), You can put on a slideshow of images and use it a digital photo frame. Or, you can set it on your desk to make a video call or stream a movie. Since you can set up to 8 unique user profiles in the Pixel Tablet, it’s the type of tablet everyone in the household can use. Each person can log into their respective account to access private files, apps, browsing history, content, and more.

So, while it’s certainly possible for one person to own the Google Pixel Tablet and bring it with them wherever they go, it’s less likely to be used for work purposes. And thus, you’re less likely to need, or even want, a keyboard for it. With that said, if you do want to use the Pixel Tablet for productivity, you can choose among the many available third-party Bluetooth keyboards to pair with it and enjoy. But we suspect not many people will do that.

Other input methods for Google Pixel Tablet

pixel tablet on screen keyboard

Consider that there are other input methods for Google Pixel Tablet that are more conducive to its purpose and that you might find more desirable than using a keyboard anyway. Aside from using your voice and Google Assistant, and, of course, the on-screen keyboard, the tablet also works with many of the best pens on the market, including new USI 2.0 styluses.

There aren’t many USI 2.0 styluses available just yet, but they will likely become a standard going forward. These enhanced styluses add NFC wireless charging, better pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition when writing, button support, the ability to shade when sketching, more colors, and other features. Overall, you’ll get more natural brush strokes and lower latency with a USI 2.0 stylus than with a traditional capacitive touch stylus. But the Google Pixel Tablet, one of the best tablets, works with all kinds of styluses, so you can get creative when handwriting notes and even use an old one you have lying around at home.

Back to the keyboard, just because Google doesn’t make a dedicated keyboard case for the Pixel Tablet just yet doesn’t mean it’s off the table. But chances are that Google won’t go this route to solidify the Google Pixel Tablet’s position as a tablet for family use, on-the-go convenience, and light productivity versus one you’ll use for getting down to business.

Docked Pixel Tablet in Hazel colorway on transparent background.

Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet is an excellent tablet with the most polished and optimized Android software for a widescreen. The included speaker dock adds to the overall experience.