Donald Glover On Possibility OF Live-Action Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie With Prowler

For over a decade, Marvel fans have been calling for Donald Glover to play Spider-Man in a live-action film. However, Glover thinks he’s more likely to end up as the Prowler in a potential film starring Miles Morales.

For those unaware, Miles Morales as a concept was actually inspired by a gag in the show Community where Donald Glover wore Spider-Man pajamas, inspiring Brian Michael Bendis to create the character in the Ultimate universe. This has led many fans to assume the obvious next step is to get Glover to portray the iconic character in live-action.

When asked about the possibility of taking up the mantle of a live-action Miles Morales, Donald Glover seemed a bit cold on the idea. While the actor thinks the character will get his own Spider-Man film eventually, he’ll probably end up playing the Prowler in it due to his age.

“There’s definitely going to be like a Miles Morales live-action eventually,” Donald Glover explained during a recent Vanity Fair lie detector interview. “And I think they’re probably more concerned with me being Prowler in that or something like that. I’m too old to be Spider-Man now.”

Why a live-action version of Spider-Verse makes sense

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and its predecessor Into the Spider-Verse have quickly turned The Prowler into a favorite villain among fans. A cameo by Donald Glover in the now iconic role, an identity first teased back in Spider-Man: Homecoming, made theaters across the world erupt in cheers.

Miles Morales has also exploded in popularity over the last few years, with many fans considering him the definitive Spider-Man over even Peter Parker. The legacy of a character created by a simple gag with Donald Glover’s character is astonishing to see, especially given the acclaim of the Spider-Verse franchise. So while fans may not see Glover as a live-action version of the character anytime soon, it’s certain he’ll bolster the potential film as much as he can as the Prowler.

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