Embrace the keyless lifestyle with advanced home security from Aqara

If you’re still using a physical key to unlock the front door of your home, it’s time to consider how a smart lock can improve your life. If your vehicle uses an RFID fob—unlocking its doors when you stand nearby—then you’re already familiar with how convenient it is to ditch the old-school key. The Aqara Smart Lock U100 is a hyper-secure user-friendly option that will level up the safety of your home and make your comings and goings a breeze.

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Aqara Smart Lock U100

Source: Aqara

Aqara Smart Lock U100

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 is compatible with Apple Homekit and other smart home ecosystems. Enjoy a smarter and safer home without the need for traditional keys. 

Multiple convenient unlocking methods

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 has multiple unlocking methods, so each member of your family can choose what works best for them. Everyone can be assigned a personalized passcode, but if anyone ever forgets, there are always backup options.

For the ultimate customized home lock, you can use the U100’s built-in high-precision fingerprint reader, which uses Precise Biometrics software and can store up to 50 fingerprints. From little kids to grandparents, everyone can take solace in knowing that they can get into the house at any time without a phone, app, key, or card.

A woman opens her smart lock using her Apple Watch

Source: Aqara

If you have Apple devices and want to sync your Aqara Smart Lock, you’ll be pleased to know that the U100 is one of the few locks that fully supports HomeKit, the Apple smart home platform. With just a touch of your Apple watch or iPhone, you can unlock your front door. Because Aqara is Matter-compatible, it also works with other smart-device ecosystems such as Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT.

If you still want the backup of a physical door-opening method, the U100 can use a mechanical key. Alternatively, you can opt for the NFC tags—included in the premium Smart Lock U100 Kit or purchased separately—which can be kept discreetly in your wallet or attached to lanyards for kids.

Full control in the Aqara Home app

Within the Aqara Home app, you can set permanent and recurring passwords for the keypad, so you’ll never worry about forgetting your keys or getting locked out. You can even create periodic and one-time passwords for guests, house sitters, cleaners, dog walkers, or anyone who needs sporadic access to your home. This makes the U100 an excellent addition to Airbnbs, letting you welcome guests without having to hide spare keys. And when someone needs access unexpectedly, you can always unlock the door remotely from the app.

If you want to upgrade your entire smart-home experience, adding Aqara’s Smart Video Doorbell G4 allows you to see who is at the door from the comfort of your couch, granting them access without moving a muscle.

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 in silver and black

Source: Aqara

Next-level security features

The frosted matte keypad on the U100 ensures that nobody can tell which numbers are most frequently pressed and your fingerprints are not traceable. And for additional security, the Aqara’s anti-peep password allows you to add random digits to your passcode if you think someone could be watching.

The lock’s built-in gyroscope senses both the door’s and the lock’s status, alerting you through the Aqara Home app when the door is left open or unlocked. If you want to confirm the status of your door, you can always check it remotely in the app.

The U100 also makes a smart addition to home offices, giving you control over who can come and go when you’re on calls, or keeping sensitive information secure within your home.

Durable and reliable

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 is built on the energy-efficient Zigbee protocol, giving it an extraordinary battery life of up to 8 months. It has an IP65 waterproof rating and its outer panel can withstand temperatures of -31°F up to 150°F.

Find out more about the Aqara Smart Lock U100 and how it can make your home smarter and safer.

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