Fingers on the Trigger but there is also a slight Chance of not firing

The signs of impending war between Ukraine and Russia, which had been warned, are now being fully prepared. Field hospitals have been set up near the border. It is also known that the blood bank has been fixed. Meanwhile, a document accusing Ukraine of war crimes has been leaked to the UN Security Council as part of the information war. In addition, a video of an attempt by Ukrainian troops to attack a chlorine tank in Danbas, Ukraine, has surfaced.

Now pro-Russian rebel leaders in Donetsk and Luhansk have ordered the evacuation of women and children to Russia. They claim that an attack on Ukraine is imminent. A car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Mosul.

This is more or less the case with what the United States and the United Kingdom have said about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But one thing was missing from Vladimir Putin’s relentless efforts to mobilize troops on the border. That is, to prepare the Russians for the big war. This issue is also being observed now.

As Russian troops and military equipment move toward the border, their message becomes clearer. But with the threat of war looming, Putin has yet to make a final decision.

However, in the current context, another explanation is possible. What happened yesterday could make the situation worse than the Kremlin had planned.

If the chlorine video is a false indication of the excuse of war, it is a very immature and low-budget propaganda, compared to what the US and UK commentators think. It involves actors, borrowed corpses and promotions.

The document presented to the UN Security Council last Thursday is also very light. It has not claimed anything other than the deaths of civilians in gunfire since 2014. It is well known that many civilians were killed in the crossfire between the two sides, which is not covered by the genocide.

But the most worrying of these is the evacuation of people from Luhansk and Donetsk. This has created a sudden refugee crisis in Rostov, Russia.

Kremlin spokesmen Dmitry Peskov and Rostov claimed the governor did not know. They can lie about it; But it is not impossible for rebel leaders to seize the opportunity. Putin has no choice but to recognize the Danube rebels in the path he has taken to strengthen his hand by exploiting the Ukraine crisis.

Gennady Rudkevich, a Russia expert at Georgia College, said: “I know this is easy to read as part of Putin’s grand plan. But in the future, whether positive or negative, it will have an effect on many parties. Some may follow the orders of the Kremlin. Others may not see any alternative but to attack Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his plans in a way that everyone is speculating about. At the same time, Putin has kept various aspects of the talks open.Ukraine and its allies have not considered the concessions demanded by Russia. So Putin thinks that there is not enough fear between them and that it depends on what we expect in the run-up to the war. The finger is tightened around the trigger, but there is still a small chance of not firing.