Google brings more ads to the Play Store with newly expanded layouts

It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again, so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise when we see new reports about Google adding more ads to its existing platforms and services. We saw at the top of the month Google experimenting with more ads in Gmail, placing them in once sacred places, and now we’re seeing reports that Google is taking things up a notch with new ad placements in the Play Store. While you can’t blame the company for trying to increase its revenue, especially during these times, sometimes the lines start to blur, making it harder to distinguish ads from real recommendations.


Google Play Store ads update side by side showing new ads in update

Source: Android Police (left: before, right: after)

It’s unclear just how widely spread this new ad layout is, but AndroidPolice shared some screenshots from reader Moshe that shows how Google is implementing a new ad layout in the Play Store. At first glance, things don’t look all that different, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the ad section in the “Suggested for you” area has increased. Previously, before the change, the section offered just one row of apps, showing three apps maximum at one time.

With the new change, now users are presented with two rows of apps, with the app’s thumbnail expanded, dedicating more screen real estate to the ad section. By adding another row of ads, naturally, the Play Store is now pushing down recommended apps much lower, requiring users to spend more time and energy when it comes to navigating the Play Store. For some, this new layout could present a challenge or be a bit confusing, especially if you’re used to the previous layout.

As stated before, it’s unclear at this point just how widespread this new ad layout is, as checking some devices on hand, it appears that Google has increased the ads in the Play Store in the “Suggested for you” section, but things appear to be a little different from what’s described above. Per usual, we’ve reached out to Google to see what’s going on. The firm is constantly testing different iterations of its ads on many of its services, so it wouldn’t be surprising to get a statement back with similar information. Let us know what kinds of ads you’re seeing in the Google Play Store in the comments below.