Gyankosh hosts author talk at Ekushey Boi Mela

Popular publication house, Gyankosh Prokashoni, hosted an author talk at its Ekushey Boi Mela stall yesterday, on February 18, in an attempt to connect authors with readers.

“We tried to shortlist ten authors who would participate in this book talk every Friday”, shared Washi Tarabder, Managing Director of Gyankosh Prokashoni. “The Boi Mela is a common point for all literature lovers”, he further added. “We are just trying to create the perfect ecosystem for facilitating their interactions”.

The authors participating in the session included Shuvashish Roy, Kingkor Ahsan, Shariar Zawad, Taeeb Ananto, Rasel Rayhan, Nahid Ahsan, Asib Raihan and Abdullah Al Imran. In addition to sharing their delight at attending the fair as authors, they also appreciated Gyankosh’s efforts in boosting interactions.

Shuvashish Roy’s book, Chomokia o Biggani Vhojoghoto, includes three short stories revolving around the adventures of Chomokia, a teen girl who solves complex global programs. “This is my first experience of attending the Boi Mela as an author and it is very special indeed”, he said. “What made the day memorable is the fact that my son sold a few copies of the book as well; it has been inspired by his childhood and the stories I told him”, he explained.

The book features pictures and illustrations; it talks about Sustainable Development Goals on a global scale and intends to introduce young readers to these terms and issues.

Ahsan’s book, Neeldumur, explores an author’s journey towards self-realisation. Featuring a male protagonist who recollects his previous life experiences, he searches for a new story. The readers visit different regions across India through his memories and get to witness his complex relationships with different people. At its core, the book sheds light on the importance of taking care of one’s mental health and taking some time out for self-actualisation.

The writer mentions that he was rather surprised by the turn out but is now optimistic about the upcoming days. “In order to promote good literature, we need to make reading a part of our regular lives and everyday conversations”, he stated.

Debut author Ananto was apprehensive about the Boi Mela this year. “The journey is very difficult for a first-time author, as we do not easily find readers who support our work”, he said. “Social media is an unhealthy field for competition and I believe the organisers and publishers must play an active role in promoting good work”. His book, Aliza, explores the various struggles of a middle-class woman through a non-fiction romantic drama.

Shoilobali, author Shariar Zawad mentions, is a work of historical fiction that looks back at major events that took place between 1630 and 1632. This period witnessed the rule of Shah Jahan and various acts of revolts of smaller kingdoms against his taxation. While a part of the Indian subcontinent was active politically, another part struggled to combat the great famine. “There were many scattered events during this small period”, the writer said, “and I tried to bring them under one common roof while sharing important anecdotes”.

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