‘Hawkeye’ Star Jeremy Renner To Keep Snowplow After Accident

Jeremy Renner has recently returned to the public eye following an accident with a snowplow that landed him in the intensive care unit. During a Q&A for his new Disney Plus show Rennervations, Renner revealed that he’s keeping the snow-removal tractor that gravely injured him.

Many people would consider anything that put them through so much pain to be some form of bad luck. However, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner has once more proved that he’s the strongest Avenger by stating that he plans to keep the seven-ton snow cat that almost killed him.

“We got so much snow up there,” Jeremy Renner told the crowd. “My mom wants to…light it on fire — and it would be a whole party, lighting it on fire — but no, that thing’s amazing. I love this thing. It is a necessity, and it’s how you get to the house when you’ve got these giant snowstorms. I just gotta learn to drive it better.”

Sometimes even the things that hurt you the most can be the closest to your heart. Luckily, Jeremy Renner will have plenty of time to learn to drive his snowplow better with his new show Rennervations, which sees the actor repurpose decommissioned government vehicles to help serve kids in underprivileged communities. The series is streaming on Disney Plus.

How was Jeremy Renner injured?

The incident occurred on New Year’s Day when Renner was using his snow plow to help his adult nephew move his truck out of the snow. He was then pulled under the vehicle and run over, resulting in serious injuries that required him to be airlifted to the hospital. After spending two weeks in the hospital, Renner was discharged and is now recovering at home while undergoing physical therapy.

Fans of Jeremy Renner have been sending him messages of support and encouragement since the accident. Many have praised the Avengers star for his dedication and hard work, expressing their admiration for his positive attitude and determination to overcome the challenges of his recovery.

Jeremy Renner is best known for his work as Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor recently starred in a six-episode Hawkeye series on Disney Plus and can now be seen in the second season of the Paramount Plus crime thriller Mayor of Kingstown.

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Source: People