How much does the MacBook Air (2022) weigh?

Apple has added to its MacBook Air lineup this year, announcing a new 15-inch model at WWDC23. The new model will sit alongside the 13-inch MacBook Air M2 from 2022 and the 13-inch MacBook Air M1 from 2020. While all the previously mentioned models are excellent choices, the 13-inch MacBook Air M2 will probably be one of the best options, with its powerful processor and sleek design. Plus, it’s the lightest model out of the group. But with all that said, you still might be asking yourself, just how much does it weigh, and how does it compare with other MacBooks?


What is the MacBook Air’s design like?


The MacBook Air M2 was first announced in 2022 and featured a completely different look from previous models, one that it borrowed from the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16. The MacBook Air is powered by Apple’s M2 SoC with passive cooling and can be configured with up to 24GB RAM and 2TB of internal storage. The laptop delivers monstrous battery life of up to 18 hours, all in a package that measures just 0.44 inches thick and weighs 2.7 pounds. Of course, with something of this size, there are compromises.

Because of its slim design, the MacBook Air M2 13-inch doesn’t really have the widest port selection, only offering two Thunderbolt ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack. While you can charge the laptop using the USB-C ports, the laptop also has a MagSafe 3 port for wireless charging. One notable thing missing from the laptop is an SD card reader, which could be a dealbreaker for some. But if you’re alright with this limitation, then you should be able to make do with the MacBook Air. If not, you might have to upgrade to the MacBook Pro line or purchase an external dock or dongle.

How does it compare to previous MacBook Air laptops?

When the original MacBook Air made its debut, Steve Jobs presented the laptop as “the world’s thinnest notebook.” The MacBook Air was being compared to some of the thinnest Windows laptops at the time, and it wasn’t even a fair comparison. The MacBook Air was just in a class of its own. But in 2023, the computing landscape has changed quite a bit, with plenty of thin, lightweight laptops that easily go toe to toe with Apple’s offerings.

But if you’re looking for something running macOS, your search gets quite a bit narrower, and it actually gets quite interesting when you compare the MacBook Air M2 13-inch against its predecessors because when it comes to its size and weight, things really haven’t changed all that much. But from personal experience, it’s these small changes that make all the difference when you are carrying a laptop around for more than a few hours a day.

Apple MacBook Air lineup with 2020, 2022, and 2023 models

Source: Apple 

The MacBook Air M1 model features a tapered aluminum chassis, measuring 0.16 inches at its thinnest and 0.63 inches at its thickest. The MacBook Air M2 13-inch has a different design, one that’s not tapered and comes in at 0.44 inches thick. As far as the MacBook Air M1’s depth is concerned, it is slightly smaller, measuring 8.36 inches, versus the MacBook Air M2’s 8.46 inches. When it comes to the width, both laptops share the same size, coming in at 11.97 inches. As far as weight goes, you’re getting a slightly heavier laptop with the M1 model, which comes in at 2.8 pounds, versus the M2 version, which comes in at 2.7 pounds.

Apple also released a new 15-inch MacBook Air, and as you might expect, it’s a bit bigger. The new 15-inch model comes in at 0.46 inches thick, 13.4 inches wide, and has a depth of 9.35 inches. It’s also a bit heavier at 3.3 pounds. While you do get a larger size screen, nothing else really changes, with the model using the same M2 processor and also having the same configuration options when it comes to RAM and storage.

Overall, the MacBook Air M2 13-inch is going to be the lightest and most powerful model available right now. The MacBook Air M1 and M2 13-inch are available now from your favorite electronics retailer, with custom models available from Apple and pre-configured models being available through Best Buy and Amazon. The new 15-inch model can be ordered directly from Apple with options for customization. Best Buy is also carrying the laptop, with pre-configured models being made available for purchase.