How to find a lost Apple TV Siri Remote on iOS 17

Apple TV’s Siri Remote is quite slim, so it’s super easy to lose. Fortunately, you can find it using your iPhone on iOS 17.

The Apple TV is arguably the best TV box for iPhone users, offering familiar interfaces and features. So just like on iOS, users get to download apps, install tvOS beta builds, and, of course, watch movies and TV shows. And thanks to the seamless interoperability present between iPhones and Apple TVs, those on iOS 17 and later versions can find their lost Siri Remote using their Apple smartphone. All you have to do is follow the steps we’ve listed below.

How to find a lost Siri Remote using iPhone

  1. Head to the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Control Center section.
  3. Click on the plus (+) icon next to Apple TV Remote if the toggle isn’t already included with the other controls.
  4. Go to the actual Control Center now.
  5. Tap on the Apple TV Remote toggle.
  6. Click the Apple TV’s name at the very top.
  7. A Find button should appear next to your Apple TV’s name. Tap it.
  8. iOS will now direct you to the lost Siri Remote. Follow the on-screen instructions until you find it.

As you can see, finding Apple TV’s Siri Remote is extremely simple and easy if you have an iPhone running the latest OS version. Prior to this feature’s introduction, finding a lost Siri Remote was significantly more challenging, as users had no way to tell where its approximate location is. Plus, the Siri Remote is quite small (like most remotes these days), so it’s easy to lose between couch cushions or under tables.

Locating a Siri Remote is similar to using the Find My app to ping an AirTag. However, unlike AirTags, the Siri Remote doesn’t have a speaker to produce sounds. Instead, your iPhone will rely on its wireless signal strength to detect whether you’re approaching or stepping away from it. This means that this feature would only work reliably if you lose the Siri Remote inside your house. If you somehow end up dropping it somewhere in public, then you likely won’t be able to find it since the Siri Remote seemingly isn’t part of the Find My network. So strangers’ Apple devices won’t be able to detect it and report its location to you, and you can’t view it on the map.