Humayun Faridee loved unconditionally: Afzal Hossain

Eminent actors Humayun Faridee and Afzal Hossain were an example of true brotherhood. They walked along the same professional path, learning and growing together on the theatre stage.

Taking a trip down memory lane on Faridee’s tenth death anniversary, Afzal Hossain speaks about his friendship with the beloved actor with The Daily Star.

“Faridee’s demise has left a vacuum in my life, which can never be filled with anything else,” he shares. “He was a friend worth treasuring. His brilliant screen presence won over millions of hearts beyond borders.”

When Afzal Hossain came across his name on the list of this year’s Ekushey Padak recipients, he got multiple calls from his loved ones. On that day, he missed Humayun Faridee the most.

“Each time I read a new script, he words, pieces of advice, and philosophies echo in my ears,” shares an emotional Afzal Hossain.

The actors first met each other at Dhaka Theatre. “The artistic environment at Natokpara in Baily Road and Faridee’s company – those times are long gone, but I remember everything so vividly,” recalls Afzal Hossain. “Faridee’s words were magical, as they could make one’s sorrows and anxieties disappear.”

Faridee was a student of Jahangirnagar University, while Afzal Hossain went to Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka “After we became close, I visited his campus on Thursdays regularly,” he says. “I loved going to the beautiful campus, and his company made every visit special.”

The actors used to address each other as Tui, as they had a bond that went way beyond formalities.

Despite being very good friends, they led very different lives outside of acting, but their different personal preferences never affected their friendship, according to Afzal Hossain.

The actors last worked together in the Mahfuz Ahmed directorial television series “Amader Nurul Huda”, shot in a small village in Gazipur.

“I did not have an assistant as I worked irregularly but Faridee’s assistant was always by his side,” mentions Afzal Hossain. “I was pleasantly surprised by how his assistant carried an extra chair, plate, and many other small but necessary items for me just as they were set up for him.”

“Faridee taught me what a true friend stands for. His love knew no boundaries or demands. He loved unconditionally,” he concludes.

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