Hurricane Hilary Map: Tracking Storm Path as It Approaches Southern California

Hurricane Hilary strengthened into a major hurricane on Thursday, and is expected to make landfall somewhere along the west coast of Baja California this weekend.

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Note: All times are Pacific Daylight Time, which is three hours behind Eastern time.

By Madison Dong

Forecasters are confident that Hilary will track parallel to the Mexico coast for a day or so, which makes it difficult to pinpoint where the storm will come ashore. Read our coverage of the storm here.

Satellite image of Hurricane Hilary off the coast of Mexico on Thursday afternoon.

Source: NOAA

The farther west it tracks, the greater the rainfall and winds that are expected in Southern California. If the storm moves inland over the Baja California Peninsula, the rainfall is likely to be more significant in places like Arizona.

Torrential rainfall is the biggest threat. Heavy rain is forecast to fall over a wide area, but a narrower section of much higher totals is likely. The area of heaviest rain will shift east or west based on the storm’s actual track.