I am an educated boy, what can I do such a bad thing: Zayed Khan

Zayed Khan has been reinstated as the general secretary of the Film Industry Association. He came this afternoon to sit in his official chair. But he came and saw that the room was locked. After a long struggle, Zayed Khan finally opened the lock and sat in his chair. Later in the press conference, Zayed Khan said, “I am not crazy about chairs. I ran to the court to claim my rights. If I was defeated, I would welcome Nipun with flowers. ‘
Zayed Khan’s press conference was attended by Aruna Biswas, Sucharita, Joy Chowdhury and many others.

At the time, Zayed was furious and said, “They lost everything they said in my name. Illegally occupied my chair. That’s what he said to a girl, I took her to the hotel. They are running a bad campaign on YouTube about all this. I’m an educated boy, can I do such a bad thing? They can’t prove it. They have no plans for me. False screen shot shown. Tried to frame the murder case. Rallied against me. The artist association cannot be occupied. The Shilpi Samiti does not occupy land like the Firingis. ‘

At that time, Zayed Khan further said, “Today, at three o’clock, the greed for power has locked everyone and given them leave. I could not enter my office. I have to wait. I am not as greedy as they are. In the greed of power like them, I did not close the office with a lock at three o’clock today. And sometimes I got two days to sit in the chair, but did not sit. Because, I’m not afraid. I knew the chair would be mine. The truth came out through the court today. But let me also say that this conspiracy will not stop here. They will start a new conspiracy again. ‘

In the January 26 election, Zayed Khan won the post of general secretary of Shilpi Samiti. But he did not accept the result. He appealed. At one point, the Election Appellate Division declared Nipun the uncontested winner of the post of General Secretary. On the other hand, he illegally rejected the candidature of Zayed Khan. Later complications were created with the term. It is now up to the High Court to decide. The last hearing was set for Wednesday after several hearings. The hearing started later in the morning. The court upheld Zayed Khan.