Is it difficult for Prithvi to return to Indian team? What made Dravid angry when he went to stab his teammate

Prithvi has compared Yashvi’s innings with his own innings against Uttar Pradesh. He joked about his teammate’s slow batting.

Mumbai captain’s stabbing teammate. What made the Indian team coach Rahul Dravid angry!

The name of the captain is Prithvi Shaw. Prithvi joked about the innings of his teammate Yashsvi Jaisbal in the net. Ranji Trophy semifinal match against Uttar Pradesh. Prithvi and Yashaswi started the second innings of the team. Mumbai skipper Chena started batting aggressively but was very restrained at the other end of the wicket. Prithvi opted for a counter-attack in response to Uttar Pradesh’s offensive bowling, but Yashaswi kept one side of the wicket in check. He made the first run in the 54th ball! Much like Rahul Dravid, he was batting slowly and with restraint.

They bat according to the team’s plan. In doing so, Shashaswi could not score a run even after playing 50 balls. At that time 60 runs written next to Prithvi’s name. The team scored 61 runs. Prithvi joked with her teammates about the pictures of that time on television. He added another picture with the television picture. He compared himself to a powerful monster. And with a weak person who is afraid of fame.

This post made by Prithvi as a joke has gone viral. Many people have made various comments. That is why Dravid’s slow batting came up. Note that the ideal of the world is Birendra Sahabag. And many find the match of the coach of the Indian team with the famous batting. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In that case, it may be difficult for Prithvi to return to the Indian team.