Laurent Rossi outlines the future of Alpine F1

Speaking at the Alpine “Enstone Field Trip” on Monday, Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi outlined not only the future of Alpine, but the future of their Formula 1 program.

A future that now involves actors Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Michael B. Jordan as part of their ownership group.

“Alpine’s DNA is racing, through and through,” said Rossi at the conference to the assembled media, including SB Nation. “F1 front and center. Renault Group has been in F1 for more than 45 years. It is the main pillar of our motorsports engagement and involvement.”

Luca de Meo, the CEO of Renault Group, outlined the growth of Alpine F1, and its transformation from a mere line on the budget to an ambitious racing program. “Alpine is for me something absolutely special. Two years ago it was in a dead-end, said the Renault Group CEO. “Formula 1 was not considered an asset, but a cost. A mere line in the marketing budget. In only two years, everything changed.”

Now, Alpine F1 is on the way up. “An ambitious racing program, putting Alpine at the pinnacle of Formula 1,” added De Meo. “Alpine’s ability to attract new partnerships … will help us get to the next level. What you will see today is the outcome of two years of very hard work.”

Rossi later outlined Alpine’s ability to attract external investors and partners, partners that now include Reynolds, McElhenney, and Jordan as part of their ownership group. “We partner only with top notch references, selected partners that share our vision and needs,” said Rossi. “The goal here is to grow the motorsports franchise.”

Alpine announced on Monday partnerships with Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners, and Maximum Effort Investments. Reynolds is one of the founders of Maximum Effort Investments.

“At the center of everything you’ve got Formula 1. Why do we think F1 is the center? F1 is everywhere in the world right now, especially if you look in the US with incredible success,” added David Gendry, Alpine’s Vice President of Sponsorships. “We have never seen so much passion around F1.”

Alec Scheiner, a partner at RedBird, spoke at the event and outlined — after apologizing for Reynolds not being there — why this was the moment to expand into F1, highlighting the growth of the sport both worldwide, and in the United States.

“Alpine is a brand built around a sports franchise,” concluded Rossi. “I think this is an ambitious plan, but I think we have most, if not all, the tools to accomplish it.”

Tools now that include some Hollywood star-power.