Leaker shows the first look of the revamped Sticky Notes app

Microsoft’s Sticky Notes app will get a new look and a host of new features. And this is how it’ll look.

Key Takeaways

  • The revamped Sticky Notes app features a new design with a purple logo and light shades of purple in the note field.
  • The updated app includes a “Recent Notes” section and a search option for finding past notes, as well as rich-formatting options for text.
  • While it’s speculated that the new Sticky Notes app may be available through OneNote, it still retains its own identity and similarities to the current version of the app.

Microsoft teased last month that new features would be coming to Sticky Notes and that it’d soon make “biggest announcements” regarding the note-taking app. Well, it looks like part of Microsoft’s effort to give the Sticky Notes app a new life is not only about adding new features but also involves revamping the UI.

First look at the revamped Sticky Notes app

Famed Windows leaker FireCube (@FireCubeStudios) posted a screenshot of the Sticky Notes app with an updated design with a caption that reads, “New sticky notes app via OneNote?”. Based on the screenshot posted by the leaker, the revamped Sticky Notes app has a new logo, the color of which is now purple, the same as the OneNote logo. The note field also features light shades of purple. That said, the leaker hasn’t specified whether similarities with the color were the only reason for the speculation that the revamped Sticky Notes would be available through OneNote.


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While the new Sticky Notes app might be a sub-app of OneNote going forward, it seems the former hasn’t completely lost its identity. In fact, the design of the updated Sticky Notes app has some similarities with the current version of the app. Each sticky note appears as a rectangular window, but they’re now clubbed into a dedicated section called “Recent Notes” in the updated app. There is also a search option to let you quickly find notes you created in the past. Above it, we see the writing area, which you can pop out and get a dedicated window for typing your notes. The text area also incudes rich-formatting options like bullet points, numbered lists, and the ability to bold, italicize, strikethrough, and underline text.

Sticky Notes first launched as an app exclusive to Windows 10 but later made its debut on Android and iOS, with the ability to let users sync their sticky notes across devices. Microsoft also integrated the Sticky Notes and OneNote, allowing users to find their sticky notes in the OneNote app on their phones and PCs. And perhaps that was the last time we heard a major announcement regarding Sticky Notes, which was before the pandemic. Nevertheless, for those who became bored with the same interface, the wait might be over soon.