Limited spectators allowed for BPL playoffs

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has allowed spectators in the stadium from the playoffs of the ongoing Bangabandhu Bangladesh Premier League from tomorrow, confirmed chairman of the BCB’s media committee, Tanvir Islam Titu, on Sunday.

The board has granted around 3000 to 4000 fans who will be allowed to watch from the stands at a time during each game at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur with the condition of having double vaccination certificate for Covid-19.

Though the tickets are not up for sale for general public, only the franchises can buy tickets from the board and distribute among their supports.

“Following relentless effort from our board president and after discussion with the health authorities, we have got the permission to allow some spectators for the remaining matches of the ongoing BPL. Approximately 3000 to 4000 spectators will be allowed to watch a game, but to avoid chaos we are not going to sell tickets rather those who are involved with the franchises can buy tickets from us. If we go for an open sale, it gets difficult to maintain Covid-19 protocols.

“Obviously we will make sure health safety and maintain the protocols as everyone will have to wear masks and will have to bring double vaccination certificate to watch the games,” said Titu.

Although Titu is hopeful about having spectators for the upcoming home series against Afghanistan, the decision is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, there were talks about including the full version of the Decision Review System from the playoff stage of the BPL, but according to the newly-elected BCB director, there will be no DRS for the remaining matches.

“The equipments required for DRS have already arrived but the technicians who will operate the system are yet to arrive in Bangladesh. So it won’t be possible to have the full version of the DRS for the BPL. But its certain that there will be DRS for the Afghanistan series,” he said.

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