LSU fans downed an obscene number of jello shots at the College World Series

The Jello Shot Challenge is one of the College World Series’ proudest traditions, and LSU fans blew everyone out of the water in 2023. Each year Rocco’s Pizza in Omaha puts up a big board with the remaining teams, challenging fans to prove their allegiance by downing as many as possible during the week — with all the proceeds going to charity.

LSU answered the call, and well …


Every other school combined to put up 15,943. A valiant effort to be sure, but they got utterly lapped by the jello-based debauchery of Tigers’ fans. To put this in context, the average jello shot is 2 ounces. Meaning that over the course of the challenge the LSU contingent consumed 334.92 GALLONS of jello shots. That’s almost two kiddie pools full of jello and booze.

Whatever the mojo it’s working. LSU are still playing, and despite dropping to the Elimination Bracket over the weekend with a loss to Wake Forest, the Tigers have a very real chance of bouncing back … just like jello.

Get it, because jello is bouncy?