Micah Parsons was requested to do a puck drop and may not understand how hockey works

The ceremonial puck drop may not maintain the identical place within the collective consciousness as a primary pitch, however rattling they’re nonetheless necessary. Sadly for Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons, no one instructed the poor dude how they labored.

The AHL’s Hersey Bears, who’re an affiliate for the Washington Capitals, invited Parsons to stroll out on the ice on Sunday night time and drop the puck. On paper it made excellent sense. Parsons is from Harrisburg, PA, he went to Penn State, this could all be hand-meets-glove. The one subject is that no one instructed him how this could all work.

So, as an alternative of ready for the group captains, dropping the puck and shaking their fingers, Parsons as an alternative strolled out on his personal, rapidly dropped the puck with no one round, then shrugged as if to say “what did I do improper?”

In his protection, Parsons did precisely what the job title entailed. He dropped the puck as a part of a ceremony. The remaining is on the Bears for not laying out how this all labored. It’s nonetheless hilarious. I imply, think about if somebody was requested to throw out the primary pitch they usually simply strolled out to the mound with no one round, threw the ball, and watched it roll to the fence. That’s mainly what occurred right here.

Maybe this was all an elaborate ruse. Give it some thought. What if the Bears shed their Pennsylvania allegiance to Parsons as a part of a fiendish Washington-based plot to humiliate a Cowboys’ star? It’s not outdoors the realm of chance to think about Dan Snyder made a name or two to the Capitals, as a result of lord is aware of the one method he’s declare a dub towards the Cowboys lately is by attempting to make one among their gamers appear silly at an AHL recreation.

It’s okay Micah, I’m positive you’re not the primary particular person in historical past to botch a puck drop. Okay, perhaps you’re the primary.