Mike Tyson punched an airplane passenger, and things got weirder from there

Mike Tyson punched an airplane passenger, and issues acquired weirder from there

You understand that phrase “you need to be very courageous or very silly to ____”? When you fill the clean in with “choose a struggle with Mike Tyson” you’ll be able to take away the entire courageous half, it’s simply very silly. On Thursday video of Tyson punching a passenger on an airplane went viral, and naturally this was by no means going to be a traditional story.

TMZ obtained footage of Tyson punching a fellow passenger, which they claim happened after Tyson became annoyed at man sitting behind him throughout a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to Florida. There have been unsubstantiated claims by Tyson that the person threw a water bottle at him, precipitating the assault.

There are a variety of questions left unanswered. Why did this cordial assembly begin with a selfie and finish with a beatdown? What precipitated Iron Mike to snap? Why is Mike Tyson flying JetBlue within the first place? And eventually, what sort of dude is keen to push Mike Tyson like that?

It seems he may be a legal? A minimum of, that’s what the Daily Mail is reporting, who dug into the background of Melvin George Townsend III, confirmed as the person on the receiving finish of Tyson’s punches. Townsend III was launched from jail in 2020 after serving 15 months for fraud, and has a historical past of housebreaking, drug possession, and trafficking of stolen items.

Not that it’s okay to beat somebody up as a result of they occur to be an ex-con, however it’s simply one other wrinkle in an already actually bizarre story. There was no approach Tyson was going to get right into a struggle with simply an unusual, boring human — in fact it needed to be somebody with a shadowy previous, stuffed with drama. I believe that’s what occurs if you’ve owned a tiger as a pet, your life is simply destined to be bizarre from then on.