Musk’s tweet compares Trudeau to Hitler

Tesla’s chief executive officer (CEO) Elon Musk later deleted the tweet, comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to German warlord Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The news agency Reuters reported this information.

Musk tweeted this shortly before midnight local time in California, USA. As soon as the tweet was posted, it created a stir on Twitter.

However, Musk deleted the tweet in the middle of the day on Thursday. The CEO of US electric car maker Tesla did not comment on the tweet or deletion.

Masks are quite popular on Twitter. He has 64 million followers on Twitter.

Truck drivers in Canada are protesting against Corona-related restrictions, including mandatory vaccinations imposed by the Trudeau government. Musk appears to have tweeted in support of these truck drivers.

Musk also tweeted in support of protesting Canadian truck drivers in late January.

Truck drivers in Canada have been protesting for weeks. Protesting truck drivers blocked roads and bridges. The Canadian protests are also being discussed in the international arena.

Trudeau announced the use of emergency laws to quell the protests. He threatened to seize the bank accounts of the protesters.