‘Presidents of two countries call and put pressure on MBAP’

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said talks with Killian Mbabane had gone too far. However, he quickly saw some changes in the French star. According to the Real president, the head of state of France and Qatar and the mayor of Paris had called and pressured Mbabane to change his mind.


Mbabane’s new contract with PSG was one of the most talked about events in the football world this year. The childhood dream club Real Madrid will come to Mbabane, many took it for granted. But after a few dramatic days, the picture changed. He extended his contract with PSG for three seasons.

To many Real Madrid supporters, Mbabane became known as a “traitor.” However, in a detailed interview with El Chiringito TV, Perez pointed out that Mbabane had been pressured from a high level to stay in the PSG.

“It simply came to our notice then that he had not betrayed me. He told everyone about his desire to play for Real Madrid. She said it was her dream. They did not release him last August, PSG did not accept our offer. ”

“We are waiting (for the season to end). Mbabane has always said that his dream is to come to Real. But (probable time) 15 days ago everything changed. Political and economic pressures put some compulsions on him. We noticed this change in him. In a hurry, I saw an MBP who is not like before. The MBP I wanted to bring, this MBP is not like that. It was as if his dream had changed. ”

The president of Real Madrid also gave an example of how intense that pressure was.

“He was called (Emanuel) Macron, there was a lot of pressure. Political pressure, the issue of two countries অনেক a lot of pressure for a 23-year-old man. For legal reasons we could not pre-contract. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. It’s better to say, this is not my MBAP. ”

“It is not uncommon for the presidents of the two countries to call, even the mayor of Paris, who has made such a tempting offer from Qatar. He is under pressure and has chosen the easy way out. It doesn’t occur to me how the President of France calls him! Can the King of Spain tell a footballer like this? The presidents of two countries, France and Qatar, have called and pressured him. ”

Perez also claimed that Mbabane’s mother wanted to see her son at Real.

“Mbab’s mother wanted her son to come to Real Madrid, because she knows about her son’s childhood dreams. I did not talk to his mother. But I heard he was embarrassed. ”

Perez is no longer interested in that MBP of a changed mindset due to stress. He also made it clear that for a footballer, the club’s values ​​would never be compromised.

“I still have affection for MBAP. But no one is bigger than the club. We have some values ​​in this club that we never want to change. She sent me a message. But I knew in that look that he had changed. ”

“Madrid fans may be disappointed, but no player can be bigger than the club. No footballer in the history of Real Madrid is bigger than the club. We can’t put the club management at risk by doing anything exceptional for anyone. ”

The club president also said that the doors of Real Madrid have not been closed forever for MBAP.

“The door of this club is never closed for any footballer who understands Real Madrid and understands the superiority of the club. I wish MBAP all the best. He is a great footballer and will make many people smile. But no one is bigger than the club. ”