“Putin is looking for a successful way to regain his popularity in the country.”

Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas says Russian President Vladimir Putin is happy to draw the attention of the international community through a massive military exercise. He made the remarks in an interview with Reuters on Thursday, local time. He says Putin is looking for a way to wage a successful war to restore support as his popularity in the country declines.

He also warned that Russia would not be given any concessions if it did not withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border.

Kaya Kallas spoke to Reuters ahead of a meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels to discuss the Ukraine crisis. He described the situation in Ukraine as “terrible”. Kaya Kallas thinks that if Russia takes part in the talks, leaving millions of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, it will be like a face-to-face negotiation. “I am concerned about any talks with Russia,” he said. As soon as we make an offer to Russia, a big picture will unfold before our eyes. And that is that Russia has aimed its gun at Ukraine. And there is no discussion on arms. ‘

According to the Estonian Prime Minister, Russian President Putin wants to establish himself as an important figure in the current situation. He says the Russian president is looking for a way to wage a successful war to restore support as the country’s popularity has plummeted in recent years. According to a Reuters poll, Putin is under fire from within the country for failing to deal with the Corona epidemic. More than seven million people have died of corona in Russia so far. So far, only half of the country’s population has been vaccinated.

According to Kallas, when one’s popularity declines, one tries to strengthen support by showing the success of a war. The Russian administration has used this method before. He thinks that the current events are definitely related to this.

The Estonian prime minister said: “I think he (Putin) is definitely enjoying being in the spotlight in the West. Because, for many years, he was neglected. And now the leaders of different western countries are meeting with him, everyone is talking about what he is thinking or what he can do. And through this, he has definitely become a very important person. ‘

Recently, Western tensions with Moscow erupted over the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. Russia claims to have deployed millions of troops along the Ukrainian border. They could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time. Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. According to Moscow, troops have been mobilized on the Ukrainian border as part of a military exercise.

Putin has already met with French and German leaders on the Ukraine issue. On Wednesday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro flew to Moscow to hold talks with Putin. The Russian president has also had several phone conversations with US President Joe Biden.

In the current crisis, only Russia can resolve tensions, says Kallas. “Russia has created this situation,” he said. They can now take steps to resolve it. “

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