Rahul Dravid: Six captains in eight months! Dravid is having great fun

Dravid took charge of the Indian team eight months ago. How was his experience? He said that before the match on Sunday.

After Ravi Shastri, Rahul Dravid has become the coach of the Indian team. How was the experience of the Indian team coming back to the toilet? Before the fifth India-South Africa T20 match, he himself said that the head sir of Rishabh Panth.

Dravid said, “The work of the coach is very exciting. Having great fun. At the same time, the work is quite challenging. In eight months I got six captains. I did not have such a plan when I took charge. ” Dravid laughed.

How is that? Dravid said, “In fact, the number of games has increased a lot. Corona also has an effect. So I have to work with several captains. There is a fun in the matter. Many are getting the opportunity to lead. We are also able to create many leaders at once.

The captain of the Indian team is changing every few days. Having trouble working? Dravid said, “No. We are trying to do better. We’ve been trying different people for the last eight months. The tour of South Africa was a bit disappointing for us in terms of Test cricket. In white ball cricket but our results are getting better. The character of the team is emerging. ”

The coach of the Indian team is very happy that one bowler after another has come up in Indian cricket. Dravid said, “We have got some talented bowlers in the IPL. The speed of a few people is great. Many young people have the opportunity to prove their worth. Many are good. The whole thing is great for Indian cricket. “