Reddit puts video first with new UI update

Over the past decade, Reddit has grown. As it enters its 18th year, the platform has introduced a new UI that focuses on video.

For over a decade, Reddit has been a platform where you can go to find pretty much any kind of content you want, backed by a passionate community. As the platform has grown, it’s added more features, making it easier for users to consume content. Today, the firm is doubling down on new UIs, giving users new interfaces that will focus on news ways to enjoy articles and also videos found on the platform.

Today, Reddit shared some of the new features that will be making its way to the platform, giving users an enhanced experience but still keeping things as simple as possible. We explored one of these new changes last week when we reported on the enhanced comment search feature that would allow users to easily find a comment by searching, rather than sift through potentially thousands of comments like they had done in the past.

In addition to streamlining the design of the app itself, Reddit is also bringing two new modes — one will allow users to focus just on content they want to read, while the other will focus on content you want to watch. For the most part, the text browsing mode really doesn’t change all that much from the current interface, just giving users a cleaner and more simplified experience, allowing them to better focus on the content.

However, the video mode is something completely different, giving users a new feed that allows them to just scroll through an endless supply of videos. If you’ve browsed TikTok or YouTube Shorts, the experience looks similar. While it’s a bit different from the platform’s previous approach, this is probably going to be a welcome change for some, as the platform has well expanded past just articles and posts for quite some time.

In addition to all the changes above, Reddit users can expect to see more in the coming year. While not quite as impactful as the new features listed above, the firm did state that it will bring more enhancements that will allow it to deliver a better user experience for chat, video, and comments that’s both fast and efficient. So that’s something more to look forward to in 2023.

Source: Reddit