Request to turn off lights for two hours in homes in Australia due to power crisis

Request to turn off lights for two hours in homes in Australia due to power crisis

Rich country Australia is now suffering from power crisis. To address the situation, New South Wales Minister of Energy Chris Bowen has advised residents of the state to save on electricity. At the same time, he requested to turn off the electric lights in the house for two hours every evening.

In a televised press conference in the capital, Canberra, Chris Bowen said that if possible, New South Wales residents would turn off electric lights in their homes every evening from 6 to 7 p.m. He is confident that power outages can be avoided.

Australia tops the list of coal and liquefied natural gas exports in the world. Three-quarters of the country’s electricity is generated using coal. The country has been suffering from power crisis since last month.

There are reasons behind this crisis. Earlier this year, several coal mines in the states of New South Wales and Queensland were submerged. Besides, coal production from two mines was stopped due to technical reasons. The mines supply coal to the largest coal-fired power plant in New South Wales.

At the moment, one-fourth of Australia’s coal-fired power plants are shutting down due to various problems. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine has pushed up global coal and gas prices. As a result, production costs at some of Australia’s power plants have risen.

Meanwhile, Australia’s economy has begun to recover after restrictions on the Corona epidemic eased. Besides, it is getting very cold in many areas. This has increased the demand for electricity in homes. The price per megawatt has also risen above the price set by the Australian Energy Market Operator (EMO) due to the gap between supply and demand.

The Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese will hold a meeting with the heads of government of different provinces from Thursday. He said the issue of power crisis would be raised there.