Robber-panic in Haorpara of Jagannathpur guards in the neighborhood

Be careful, we’re on guard.’ The people of Haorpar in Jagannathpur upazila of Sunamganj are spending the whole night sleepless in such a sound. The people of Haorpar are keeping watch at night to stop the harassment of robbers, and the pirates are returning with their shouts of ‘Khabardar Khabardar’. Although there are rumors of pirates attacking almost every night, the robbers are being resisted by keeping vigil at night in the voluntary shelters in the neighborhoods.

Residents of Haorpar said that since the beginning of the flood situation, the number of robbers in the haors of Jagannathpur Upazila has been increasing. In several areas, cattle were stolen by boat. Over the last few days, panic spread among the people after sensing the presence of robbers in different areas of the upazila. People wake up at night and take initiative to guard the security of life and property. Upon receiving the news, Jagannathpur police also conducted a naval patrol. However, due to less allocation of police vessels and transportation cost in this sector, naval patrols are getting less.

Qadir Mia, a resident of Jagannathpur village, said, “A group of robbers raided our village by boat around 12 last night. Sensing this, we the villagers united and resisted them by shouting “Khabardar Khabardar

Chilaura Haldipur Union Parishad (UP) chairman Shahidul Islam said the number of robbers increased in the villages of Haorpar during the monsoon season. Once again, the nuisance has taken a deadly turn.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Jagannathpur Police Station Mizanur Rahman told Prothom Alo, The night vigil in the area is undoubtedly commendable. He said, “Some rumors are spreading that robbers have fallen. We are working together to overcome this crisis. Due to lack of boat and transportation cost, naval patrol is not going to be adequate.