Saints rookie K Blake Grupe makes game-winner, then is stopped by security

New Orleans Saints rookie kicker Blake Grupe is small by NFL standards. He is listed on their roster as 5’7 — the shortest player on the team — and 156 pounds, also making him the lightest.

That may have played a role in how his first NFL preseason game unfolded.

Grupe hit a 31-yard field goal as time expired to give the Saints a 26-24 win over the visiting Kansas City Chiefs:

However, as Grupe shared on social media Sunday night, when he was trying to leave the stadium after the game, he was stopped by security.

Who thought he was a fan leaving the stadium through the Player’s Exit.

It was not the only time security questioned Grupe. The rookie from Notre Dame also indicated that prior to kickoff, he was stopped by security for not having credentials when he tried to take the field for pregame warmups:

Grupe, who went undrafted this past spring, is locked in a training camp battle with Will Lutz to secure the job in New Orleans. But if he keeps making kicks like he did to beat the Chiefs on Sunday, he might just win that job.

And perhaps some recognition by stadium security.