Shakib’s stomach ache before the final

The two finalist captains unveiled the BPL trophy. Comilla Victorians captain Imrul Kayes came, but Fortune Barisal captain Shakib Al Hasan did not come. Nurul Hasan came in his place and did a photo session with Imrul.

However, Shakib did not come because he was ill. He is suffering from stomach ailment. You are at rest. Shakib is sick before the final! Barisal, however, is not worried about it. Chief executive Sabbir Khan thinks that the best player of the team will recover before tomorrow afternoon, Shakib is suffering from stomach ache. That is why he did not come to practice today. However, there is no doubt about Shakib’s performance in the final, Sabbir Khan confirmed, “I hope there will be no problem. It will be fine in this. ‘

However, Nurul Hasan gave birth to some confusion. Did he see Shakib in the gym, ‘Sakib Bhai was in our optional practice yesterday. I saw he was in the gym. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t come. That’s why I came here. ‘

I don’t know about Shakib’s stomach ache, ‘It’s a management decision. I don’t know much more than that. In the morning I saw that he was in the gym. I don’t know much about the latter. But I hope he will be in tomorrow’s match. ‘

Comilla captain Imrul also ‘missed’ Shakib, ‘Shakib actually liked it. It would have been better. Because, he is the captain of a team. I heard that Shakib could not come due to his physical condition. No problem. The two will meet in tomorrow’s match. ‘

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