Siam’s father and wife are happiest

The play ‘Bhalobasa 101’ starring Siam Ahmed was aired on Valentine’s Day in 2012. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from the 15th of February. Exactly 10 years later, on that day, February 15, he was nominated for the highest award of his career for acting. The actor is receiving the National Film Award for Best Film Actor of 2020. His father Nasir Uddin Ahmed and wife Abanti are happiest in this recognition.

“It’s the proudest day for my family,” Siam said. We started working against the wishes of our family. There was nothing to recognize the work of cinema. Recognition at the national level through small achievements from the beginning is a big one in my life. Feeling better for the family. I have been working for so many days. This time I got a best professional identity to tell everyone. As soon as the award was announced, I called director Chayanika Chowdhury. I later informed my family members. My father and wife are happiest. ‘

He wrote his name in Siam movie in 2016. His first movie was ‘Poraman-2’. The director was Raihan Rafi. Siam said, ‘Short career like mine. When I first started shooting the movie, I wanted to be recognized at the national level. I did not compete, I worked. Today is my special day exactly 10 years later. I don’t think I deserve it yet. I still have a lot to give. But thanks to the jury and everyone involved. They have recognized the work. Gratitude to my audience too. ‘

This year, the movie ‘Biswasundari’ starring Siam Ahmed is getting awards in eight categories. However, there was no expectation that the movie would bring Siam the National Film Award. “I don’t expect much from any movie,” Siam said. Because, expectations are skyrocketing. Many times the demands do not match with the expectations. Without expectation, I just worked to get the perfect pleasure. But there is always one expectation, I want to surpass myself. There could be something better with me. That will be the endeavor after recognition. The achievement will increase the speed of my work. ‘

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