Smugglers smuggled drugs worth Tk 5 crore to Teknaf

Two smugglers were smuggling drugs from Myanmar through the Naf River to Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar. Sensing the matter, the BGB members chased them. At one point, BGB members opened fire, leaving behind a consignment of crystal meth ice and 10,000 yaba pills worth Rs 5 crore.

The incident took place at Khurer Island area of ​​Naf river in Hnila union of the upazila on Saturday morning. Teknaf 2 BGB captain Lt. Colonel Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar confirmed this information in the first light today.

Lt. Colonel Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar said that the BGB members got secret information about smuggling of ice and yaba from Myanmar through Hnilar Khurer Island area of ​​the upazila around 4 am on Saturday. They then went to the area and saw two smugglers entering Bangladesh from Myanmar in a boat.

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One kg of crystal meth was found in the fish enclosure
When the BGB members signaled to stop their boat, they disobeyed and tried to flee. They were then forced to shoot them. The smugglers jumped into the Naf River, swam across Myanmar’s waters and fled. After seizing the boat and searching it, they were able to seize 1 kg 14 grams of ice and 10 thousand yaba pills.

In this regard, Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar further said that it was not possible to arrest anyone in this incident. However, the boat has been seized. The recovered crystal meth ice and yaba will now be stored in the warehouse of the Battalion Headquarters and will be destroyed in the presence of senior officials, Chief Judicial Magistrate, representatives of the Narcotics Control Department, local dignitaries and others.