‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega ‘Open’ To Return As Finn

Never tell me the odds! John Boyega has confirmed during a recent interview that he’s open to return as Finn in a future Star Wars project.

Many fans were unhappy with how Finn was treated in the most recent Star Wars trilogy, considering him the character that suffered the most from the sequels’ stochastic writing. In the past it seemed as though John Boyega even agreed with these sentiments, indicating he was happy to leave the galaxy far, far away behind. However, following the announcement of a new trilogy featuring the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey, Boyega seems to have changed his tune about his previous comments:

“That [those comments] was a few years ago, so they were the subject of that particular project,: Boyega told Tech Radar. “But I’m open to all characters and scripts that are enjoyable, have a great cast attached, and a terrific director. So yeah, I’m open to all opportunities.”

It was previously rumored that John Boyega had been in talks to return as Finn for the upcoming Star Wars project involving Daisy Ridley as Rey, and these comments seem to point toward these rumors being true. While it’s unclear if Boyega will truly return, a redemption arc for Finn’s character could serve to help fans enjoy the sequel trilogy more in retrospect, even if it’ll continue to have its issues.

The future of Star Wars looks brighter than ever

The announcement of these three new Star Wars movies marks an exciting time for fans of the franchise. With each movie being directed by a different filmmaker, there is sure to be a unique perspective and style brought to each project.

The focus on new characters and storylines within the Star Wars universe is also promising. While the original trilogy will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans, it’s important to keep the franchise evolving and exploring new avenues. The new Jedi order, as promised in the third movie, could provide an interesting look at the future of the Star Wars universe and the continued use and understanding of The Force.

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